Mobile Games Company

Mobile Games Company

Gamesbrewer is a mobile games company aspires to be the next Rovio, creator of the hit game Angry Bird. We several proof of concept games on both internet and mobile available on our website. Earlier in September, Gamesbrewer has released a mobile game on the Android platform called Guppy Labs. Gamesbrewer aims to provide high-quality, fun, diversified and impeccable users experience catering to gamers of Android market.

Currently Gamesbrewer is trying to expand the list of released title and requires funding to purchase the large amount of development assets like graphics, special effects, and soundtracks. Gamesbrewer is also seeking to expand its talent pool by hiring more programmers and graphic artist.

The principal management are Jonathan Ho, Radlan Nahalan, and Timothy Boyou, whose combined experience brings office management, high levels of customer service, and over 11 years in IT and Management.

We have firm commitments to distribute several quality mobile game products. Our plan is to launch several games developed using a new game engine frameworks called Unity within 120 days of finalizing financial arrangements.

The new games will be targetted at both Iphone and Android platform, and revenue of the games will be generated from in-game apps, sales from App Market, and telco bundling schemes.