The Malaysian venture capital industry shoulders a great task of as being one of the drivers for nation’s vision of achieving a fully developed status by 2020. The growth of the domestic economic, which will be fuelled by activities based on knowledge and technology, will rely heavily on funding from sources such as the venture capital industry and private equity. The venture capital industry has to be the catalyst for the spirit of innovativeness that the country is seeking to nurture. With this realization, the Malaysian Venture Capital Association (MVCA) was established on 27 February 1995, with the paramount objective of promoting and developing the Malaysian venture capital industry.

The MVCA also strives, among others, to:

promote, develop and maintain a venture capital industry Malaysia as a source of equity financing for business enterprises principally for the start-up and/or development of small and medium sized enterprises.
stimulate the promotion, research and analysis of venture capital in Malaysia and in other countries.
promote cooperation among members, to encourage joint efforts and business undertakings among members as well as to provide a regular forum for the exchange of views amongst members.
represent, express and give effect to the views and opinions of persons or companies, engaged in the venture capital industry, including making representations to all governmental or public authorities or bodies.
develop and encourage the highest standard of professional ethics in the venture capital industry.
Activities of MVCA include:

Conferences and symposiums on venture capital and issues directly or indirectly related to it.
Regular forum among members on the latest issues pertaining to venture capital.
Conduct dialogues and make presentations to any governmental or public authorities or bodies on behalf of the members on regulatory issues and formation of new venture activities.
Collate, circulate and disseminate commercial statistics related to the venture capital industry.
Collaboration with other venture capital association in the region and other parts of the world for the advancement of the venture capital industry in Malaysia.
Publish and circulate newsletter containing news on the activities and progress of member companies and potential venture opportunities.

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