MyEverCarMart – The next generation of online used car buy-sell direct was founded in June, 2011 by Gavin. The company is in the business of providing an online platform for seller to register their used vehicle for sale and buyer to buy direct from the seller – thereby getting a better deal than selling to 2nd hand car dealer. On top of that, unlike other online platform provider, we also provide value added services via our consignment executive and sales advisors to ensure the whole transaction is hassle free for our client, i.e. the seller and buyer of used vehicle still can enjoy the same level of convinient of selling to 2nd hand car dealer, the difference is that, they got a much better deal.

MyEverCarMart is interested in securing RM350,000 startup capital to execute an aggressive public relations and advertising campaign to educate the selling and buying public about the capabilities, cost, application, and availability of our program – TradEasy. These funds will be used in the initialization of the advertising and public relations plan, continue the marketing and sales push, build the number of company sales personnel, continue operations expansion and provide working capital to respond to the rapidly increasing demand.

We will be successful because we offer something different; a pleasant used car buying and selling experience and most importantly – cost saving for both parties. We will create a purchasing – selling environment that caters to the customer’s financial needs. We are offering a professional service and an experience in used car buying – selling that will bring customers back again, as well as referring friends and family. We estimate an optimistic gross margin over the industry average. We will be successful because of the business model, the excellent team we have assembled and the drive and determination of the owners.

Funding Requirements

The founder has spent RM50,000 pre-operating expenses in the business as shown in the following table. The company is now seeking additional RM350,000 for the following purpose:

RM100,000 for company and office setup, including fixture and furniture and office equipments.
RM250,000 working capital, mainly for marketing and promotion.
The Investment Offering

The company is offering up to 30% ownership of the company to one outside investor/funder with an investment of a minimum RM350,000 in investment capital. This owner/investor will share in the annual dividends plus 3 times return on investment at exit in year 3.

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