Project Cost: RM 500K

Amount Invested : RM 250K

Amount Required : RM 500K

Knowledge / Experience Required:
sale & marketing

Proposed Investor’s Role:
full time
as consultant

biotechnology / healthcare

Project Stage:


Company History:
I m a graduate n have 7 years in production knowledge of Neem Based BioPesticide.

Product / Service Description:
We have the Technology to produce Neem Based Bio Pesticide for the Agriculture sector, only of its kind in Msia. Non Toxic, Eco-friendly, Organic, most suited for organic plantations to control pest without the harmful effects of chemicals. We have the 80% of the machinery ready to be installed at the investors choice.

Business Opportunity:
After operating for the first 3 yrs, we ran short of working capital for operations and marketing. Couldnt sustain further, we shut the plant and removed all equipment and stored in a godown. It can be reinstalled to a new site with a investment RM250K.

Revenue Model:
Since the product is very effective, proper marketing has to be done into private & govt establishments.

Management Team:
Present I am the MD and the Chief Technology Officer.

Current Status:
We are in Melaka, we have approx RM 250K worth of equipments,
Initially we bought the know how tech from India for a RM 1mil

Funding Milestone:
Pay us RM 250K for the equipment , will shift all equipment to new factory lot, need additional aprox RM 250K to setup lot retal, electric, production, installation, commissioning, etc.

Business Valuation:
We would be 35% minor equity partner.Investor takes 65%, run joint admin , sales & marketing.
Our initial investment for the Technology & Equipment were RM 1.3mil. After depreciation its worth 500K after setup.

Expected Return On Investment:
ROI in 15 months if min sales is 1K litres per month. Very low overheads. Min sales of 1K lits per mth is an easy target and profits are 50-60% on the sales.

Investment Risk and Mitigation:
The demand for this safe bio pesticide are always high, for commercial & domestic & organic sectors. No alternative or similar product of its kind in the market under commercial production. Min risks. Low investment, very huge market, almost all agri sector.

Exit Strategies:
Exits when Profits shared according to equity for a period of 3 yrs or 200% of invested money which ever comes first. Or buys our shares after 3yrs at that period prevailing price plus pay a transfer of technology fees RM 1.3mil. Negotiable.


V.R.Nathan (

Company Name: Hitech Progress Sdn. Bhd.
Postal Address : 144-O, Jln Laksamana-9, Tmn KotaLaksamana, 75200 Melaka
State : Melaka
Post Code : 75200
Country : Malaysia
Telephone : ++6016-2718458
Website : NA
Mobile: ++6016-2718458


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