NetVal is a Malaysian venture capital firm committed to providing capital and management support to entrepreneurial enterprises in Malaysia and overseas. We provide strategic consultation to innovative growth oriented entrepreneurs with the aim of creating value and wealth by assisting them to build successful companies for mutual benefit.

Find out how your business visions can become reality.

We invite you to learn more about our investment philosophy and us.

The NETVAL Strategy

NetVal focuses on innovative technology-driven businesses at the early stages of their operation as we hold that a well-planned developmental period is critical to a business’s long-term success. We identify entrepreneurs with vision, and help transform that vision into reality in an entrepreneur-friendly manner.

NetVal’s close working relationship with entrepreneurs is aimed at complementing their inherent skills and expertise. We achieve this by looking at the company’s fundamentals to emphasize them by adding value where appropriate. Our contribution often takes the form of an unbiased industry assessment together with the offer of specialised knowledge, operating skills, funding and an extensive network. In building relationships, we understand that the company’s operations are their responsibility and get involved only at strategic phases to enhance business growth.

While we mainly invest in the early stages of a business we also consider involvement in companies who have operated for some time and need additional working capital for strategic expansion and further increase of market share.

Our Focus

We are primarily interested in companies that serve fast growing global markets with the potential to achieve dominance in their own niche. Though this may span a wide range of industries, we currently focus on the following areas:

information technology
the Internet
healthcare and life sciences
computer software
industrial products
We are, however, keen to talk to entrepreneurs from other areas who are confident of their growth potential.

Investment Size

NetVal’s investments range typically from one to five million Malaysian Ringgit. For larger size investments, we invite strategic co-investors to meet the financial requirements of the entrepreneurs.

Investment Criteria

NetVal is keen to consider participation in businesses that satisfy the following key criteria:

A competent and balanced management team
The appropriate expertise / experience to plan and execute business strategies timely with a visionary leader should be in place

High entry barrier
The new venture should possess sufficiently high barrier characteristics that inhibit too many new entrants in the same market segment

Strong product differentiation with competitive advantages
The product or service should possess distinct benefits with an edge over competitors

High growth potential with a global market
The product or service has a sustainable domestic and international market which can be expanded rapidly

Strong financial control
Sound financial management by firm and competent hands to maximize returns to stakeholders

Excellent business processes
A dynamic yet proficient business principles and systems incorporating total quality management philosophy that can cater for rapid business growth

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