A leading Motorcycle Dealership Business in Malaysia was looking to develop a Systemized Brand Identity, to upgrade their Sales Force management, to improve supply chain, and a better Financial Management System to cope with its growth.


To develop a Brand Identity, that works perfectly with its own sales force (mindset change), at the same time improving supply chain (bulk purchase), while having sufficient capital (cash flow) to sustain sales growth.


We conducted a series of in-depth analysis, and invested our time to properly understand the business. We have concluded and designed the Holistic Motorcycle Ecosystem, and named it Motorpreneur Program. The Motorpreneur Program brought together the Brand, the Retail Showroom, the Sales Force, Centralized Supply Chain and the increase in Capital to fund growth.


Sales growth of almost 50% after the implementation of the new Program. Recruited more than 30 enterprising individuals to join the company’s sales force. Improve capital needed by the company by 25% to fund sales growth. Centralized Supply Chain reduces cost by almost 7%.

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