Project Cost: RM600,000

Amount Invested : RM150

Amount Required : RM599,850

Knowledge / Experience Required:
general management
sale & marketing

Proposed Investor’s Role:
as consultant

Industry: restaurants / f&b

Project Stage: start-up


Company History:

Partners are schoolmates. I myself is a consultant at Celebrity fitness and my partner is a doctor.

Product / Service Description:

New method storage and use of margarine and peanut butter. It is exciting for consumers and safe for kids instead of using butter knife. Minimizes space in the fridge and as well in the office.

Business Opportunity:

Problem is the competition with big names margarine company so we decided to produce our own line. The opportunity in the market is that it haven’t come out in the market yet in Asia and as well most countries around the world.

Revenue Model:

We will make money by selling each of MYR10 depending on the market. We believe with good marketing will help gain more revenues. Many super markets in malaysia, we believe that the demand will rise once production have made. From first month supplying 150k unit and the next moth we will up the supply unit. This shows the progress made in the market. First year we targeting the market in Malaysia. Second year we want to enter Singapore and China where we believe is a gold mine in our product. Then Indonesia, Middle East then European market. Marketing will be a solid platform for us to nail. Public figures and sponsoring sports team and individuals is our main because we believe it will influence consumers. In the first year once we’ve reach enough revenue we will allocate a big location for our production.

Management Team:

We would form a marketing, sales and production team. Having a good team would lead to high revenue.

Current Status:

Finishing the capital.

Funding Milestone:

We will buy the containers at a quantity for start up for consumers to realize how good our product. For start minimum of 150k unit. Raw peanut butter and peanut butter filling machine and as well rent a place for production at first. That’s out first step due to a infant company.

Business Valuation:

Double the investment made by the investor. We’ve made the projection income that we can manage to get revenue minimum at MYR3mil per month. That shouldn’t be a problem.

Expected Return On Investment:

Investor would get 32% for its income of the profit split with the partners. CEO will get 40% and the other partner will get 28%. Profit of MYR3mil per month, the MYR500,000 from the MYR3million will be split to partners and investors as income.

Investment Risk and Mitigation:

Investment risk is where we need to compete with big names of margarine companies. We believe that a good marketing would keep us away from the competition and other than that we are the new producer of this new method.

Exit Strategies:

Exit opportunity for investors is that we would pay back the investment the investor have made and we would buy back the shares of the investor.


Omar Hafiz Bin Mohd Shariffudin (
Company Name: Nutshell
Postal Address : No36 Jalan Sungai Ramal 32/54 Bukit Rimau
State : Shah Alam
Post Code : 40460
Country : Malaysia
Telephone : 012-2715969
Website :
Mobile: 012-2715969


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