An attractive agricultural investment in Terengganu for Malaysian Food Security 1,400 Acres (570 hectares) of Non-Chemical Broad Acre Mechanised Fragrant Rice Farming


South East Asian Countries to date have not implemented Non Chemical Broad Acre Cultivation methods. By participating in the project, Investors have the opportunity to be part of the company that becomes the first company in Malaysian history to adopt these advanced cultivation techniques. Non-Chemical Broad Acre Mechanised Farming is highly effective in developed nations ensuring land is maximised to its full potential for crop production.

Conclusion and recommendation

We wishes to invite investors to a venture which is a compelling way of assisting in the development of the Malaysian rice, poultry and fish culture industry and Food Security requirements of country with the implementation of a ‘Non-Chemical Integrated Broad Acre Mechanised Rice Farming Project’ in the State of Terengganu.

Mechanised Integrated Farming is a concept whereby a number of revenue generators are introduced into the project.

Non Integrated Farming is whereby ‘Agro-Chemicals’ are used and therefore is limited only to rice production only. Every rice granary area of Malaysia is ‘Non Integrated Farming’ as all use the agro-chemicals to cultivate padi.

The Mechanised Integrated Farming concept comes from several years of research in perfecting the cultivation pf padi without the use of any agro-chemicals and we achieved a net padi yield of double the national average.
The project will produce annually a total of:
• 3,958 tons of high quality Fragrant Rice once fully planted;
• 4,000 tons of Duck Meat;
• 2,700 tons of Tilapia fish.

The food production above has a market value in excess of RM70m P/A once fully developed.
The project requires RM50m which can be generated by both Equity Investment and Debt Financing.

Unique selling proposition of the integrated farming project

The land has been identified, which are well situated for the Integrated Farming project;
Environmentally responsible, utilising mechanised farming techniques, reducing dependency on manual labour;
Proven management team will implement high yielding international farming techniques including irrigation control, modern facilities and non-chemical agricultural inputs, therefore producing high returns;
Access to an international team of experts in the field of agriculture and rice production/milling;
As the padi is cultivated using ‘Non-Chemical Agro Inputs’, aquatic life (Tilapia) is introduced into the irrigation channels thus creating an ‘Agro-Aqua’ project;
Duck rearing to produce high quality organic meat and eggs;
Several years of research has been spent on the perfection of non-chemical crop production in Malaysia;
High net yield returns due to the project being an Integrated Farming concept.
The Investment

The project requires RM50m to fulfil its objectives. It is anticipated that the financing will initially be financed with a combination of investment and debt financing.

Strengths and opportunities

Malaysia currently imports around 95% of its total consumption requirements of Fragrant Rice and with a result that there is an imbalance between supply and demand. This is partly the result of the growing populations in Malaysia and the lack of companies wishing to enter the rice cultivation industry as a whole

The project company will lead the way with its Non-Chemical cultivation approach which will establish techniques not seen in Malaysian padi production to date.

The project should be perfectly located near to a river ensuring adequate fresh water supply required to cultivate the padi. Additionally, it will also ensure ample supply of fresh water during ‘Erratic Climatic Changes’ in the weather, guaranteeing a 2nd crop P/A in the dry season and a 3rd crop every 2 years.

The project will be self-supporting as the company will build its own small Rice Mill, Duck Abattoir, Fish Processing Factory, Storage and Distribution.

The company is well-placed to drive up productivity as a result of both its preparation of the land and superior Australian management techniques.

*Investment Memorandum is available upon request and signing of an N.D.A


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