Current Status Growth
Amount Invested RM 800,000.00
Funding Required RM600,001 to RM1,000,000
Description – Manufacturing plant located in Northern Penang.
– conquer 90% of the market share for its product in Northern region. ( Penang, Kedah)
– 60 Years old business build up. since 1957, business on going still.
– Supply to existing hawker stall and wet market and some export to Singapore 5 star hotel.
– At the moment all Cash Term business
– The product was certified HALAL and it is the only one Certified halal in South east asia.
– machinery just recently upgraded to better capacity, total capacity 16 ton per day running at 24 hour 2 shift.
– Currently only ruling at 1 Ton per day. All machinery and equipment was under utilise.

Currently looking for business expansion oversea and other product line and enchanment for existing product.
– would like to vent into install cup noodle for its category only.
– this product do not exist in the market.
– this product can replace and obtain the same category product in the market easily.

Business Opportunity – the cup noodle able to replace few giant brand in the market, which we will OEM for those MNC noodle manufacturing for the particular flavour and category only.
– currently do not have any similar product or company or manufacturing able to do so.
– our company is the only one in south east asia and certified HALA for its category.
– this cup noodle can be distribute throughout the world.
– its not only in Malaysia but south east asia must eat food. rated number 7 must eat food by CNN and some other food evaluator throughout the world
– we just need the capital to transform and enhance current recipe and product to better category and supply to the market.
– Instant noodle market is huge and very big potential as the product is totally no one ever started before.
– this noodle our company already done simple research, testing as well as simple R & D for this development, it prove it work well.
– we need more capital to venture in this and start this in a proper way and expand in a proper way.
Revenue / Business Model the demand for this noodle is huge throughout the world.
with the CNN rated asia must eat food.
transform from a traditional type of cooking or method, transform to a more convenience type of preparation and commercialise the product in tis category.
it will be the only one in the market.
FMCG revenue unpredictable huge, because the market demand is huge.
imagine how a traditional type of the food and preparation method being transform to a much convenience way and commercialise and better quality control and total satisfaction guarantee for its category.
we will replace all the noodle in the market, even for MNC noodle like MAMEE and VITS or MAGGIE. for its category.
Management Team Owner and director of the team.
From Sales ( 5M-80M revenue sales), project management, Lean six sigma holder. FMCG industry
One person to handle most of the key operation.
will need to take in more dedicated professional for this expansion.
Etc, R&D engineer in house
Company Background business start at 1957.
total investment made RM 2M to date.
Monthly turn over 80k to 100K for the past 60 years, stagnant and still growing.
was certified by JAkim HALAL on 2016.
The only one and largest certified halal for its product category and manufacturing plant in South east Asia.
None of the MNC able to produce the same product, due to receipt and type of machine to be invest for the niche product.
Other noodle MNC manufacturing invest in General machine to compete in volume and using economic of scale to conquer the market.
however my company and its product category, we focus on niche market and demand, supply through northern region with its own customisation and also premium price to it.
Funding Milestone RM600,000.00
– fund use for R & D
– Machinery for production and enhancement
– Vechicle for own distribution and collection
– Packaging machine.
– Labor and professional worker.
– Operation team of Sales and Business development team.

Funding milestone will report at a pre-set expectation report of the total fund for each quarter.

% Equity Allocation 70-90%
Expected ROI 1-2 Year
Risks and Mitigation We will start the whole enhancement phase by phase.
Market will not reject the product. Definitely it will accept the product.
we need to spend an amount of budget for advertising to boom and push into the market.
else the awareness of the product is very minimum.
for FMCG product, spending on marketing and branding its very important.
Phase by phase will help us to hedge against the risk for the whole investment.
we will slow down the investment if anythings goes wrong.
this investment do not need to dump into a basket, but we slowly distribute accordingly to hedge and leverage against the whole project and expansion plan.
Exit Strategies once ROI
– whoever investor would like to hold the share or the equity , company is ok to allow to hold the equity.
– not necessary to sell back to company if the company is making money.
– owner will buyback all the equity if investor would like to sell back.
– IF everything goes smooth as expected with those minimal calculated risk, one year ROI can be easily achieve.
– IF market downturn, it may need 2 year max for the ROI.
Company Name xxx sdn bhd
Business Address Penang
Contact Person Lee