Project Cost: RM 3 Million

Amount Invested : RM 100,000

Amount Required : RM 2.9 Million

Knowledge / Experience Required: finance

Proposed Investor’s Role: others (Joint Venture)

informatics / multimedia
biotechnology / healthcare

Project Stage:
early expansion


Company History:

Our company is specializing in occupational Health but doing all other assessment including safety and environment. We have been in the industry since 2006 attached with private hospital before the team decided to be independent in early 2014. We have developed the system into working concept relying on our experience and expertise.

Product / Service Description:

The objectives of Occupational Safety health and environment regulated are to save lives, property and environment from any hazards and risks. To prove hazards and risks exist, assessment need to be done by competent assessors from different field. Normally the assessment will take 2-3 months to compile and conclude. After the conclusion, other assessors will need to rely on the other assessors report to make his assessment. This is where manual work and man hour were spent and causing the very objectives of OSHE were not met.

The industry realise they need a system that is:

1. User friendly
2. automated
3. Integrated
4. Stand alone yet reports and data kept virtually with cloud management system
5. Most importantly, the data must be kept at least 30 years as required by law.

This is where the 6 modules of the system come in and it will be able to solve all the problems faced by the competent person in the industry.

Business Opportunity:

The market could be divided into 3 segments:

1. Users – there are over 2000 competent persons in Malaysia in OHSE and with a purchase of RM 5000/module, we could see a sales of RM10,000,000 (ten million Ringgit only)
2. Data storage – Since data needed to be kept for 30 years from the last entry, any data keeping would be free. However, we could charge when users or any other people, need to extract the data.
3. Data analysed – Raw data or Data analysed could become useful tools for researcher. Researcher from all walks of life would want these collected data and we could reap from the funding they got for their research.

So far, no other company has explored all the above market

Revenue Model:

As mentioned above, the three market segments could give us a revenue:

1. Users – RM 10 million ( 2000 users)
2. Data extraction – unlimited. Depends on the number of data extracted.
3. Research – the data used could generate money from grant and the amount is unlimited.

Management Team:

We have our in house subject matter experts and another partner for software development.

Current Status:

We have made prototype of the system but not up to the stage of implementation. The investment to this has come up to RM 100,000

Funding Milestone:

Stage 1: Modules enhancement (RM 100,000 per module x 6 =RM 600,000)
Stage 2: Serve purchase (RM 100,000 per server x 3 )
Stage 3: Implementation
Stage 4: Sales and Marketing

Business Valuation:

We are willing to open up an Special Purpose Vehicle company to en sure this project materialized. we are willing to allocate 30% of our equity in the SPV.

Expected Return On Investment:

The ROI would be in 3- 5 years time considering the market has a high demand on such system.

Investment Risk and Mitigation: NA

Exit Strategies:

The exist opportunity is to sell their equity in the SPV


Iswardy Morni (
Company Name: OHS Network Sdn Bhd
Postal Address : C-09-2 Plaza Paragon Point, Pusat Bandar 5, Seksyen 9, 43650 Bandar Baru Bangi
State : Selangor
Post Code : 43650
Country : Malaysia
Telephone : (603) 8912 2900
Website :
Mobile: (6013) 2828 058


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