Leader in the design, and manufacture, maintenance and services provider of engineering disciplines to the oil and gas sector, upstream and downstream facilities, Industrial and Resource sectors throughout Asia, the Middle East, and Australia. With operations in all three major areas the company has strategic plans to increase market share in these regions.

The Company primarily began by servicing the heavy marine industry and carrying out heavy Business Opportunityfabrication for the mining industry. It later become a major supplier to the Oil and Gas sector by offering designing and manufacturing skid based water and chemical treatment equipment. It then involved installation, commissioning and planned maintenance of the equipment it produced. Typical systems included Water Treatment Plants, Oily Water Separation systems, Process/Metering Skids, Polymer Dosing/Chemical Injection Systems and Pump Stations.

The company has in recent years shifted its focus to take advantage of the growing market in the oil and gas industry by providing additional services such as complete EPCM packages and continued EPCC for both onshore and offshore activities. The Company today offers our clients a complete “Turn Key” packages, not only capturing the reliability and expertise of the Westralian systems, but also the continued site representation for field support.

The industry in general is continuing through a growth period as a result of increasing activities in the oil and gas sector as well as the mining industry. Due to experience in these market sectors, the intentions are for the business to continue the expansion into these focused market areas and have the manufacturing advantage of being the prime manufacturers as well as strategically locating itself to take advantage of the increasing levels of activity.

Key management has had considerable experience in this field, and has been involved in large scale projects in their individual capacities. The team has identified strong business prospects within the oil and gas sector, and will embark on its commercial plans within the next quarter. At present, management is in the midst of recruiting talent and resource in building and propositioning its products and services into the market.
The business strategy of the Company has always been to focus on providing an innovative product and high quality service to its customers. Revenue growth is expected to average over 30% over the next 3 financial years, with a major part of this contribution coming in from local companies.


The paid-up capital of the Company incorporated in Malaysia is RM1 million and Australia AU$500,000, and Abu Dhabi (AED$1 million).
Assets; Combined Malaysia/Australia AU$1.2million plus stock plus inventory
Current Project Values Australia; AU$ 1.5 million
Invoiced Value AU$ 1.3 million
Letters of Intent Value Australia; AU$ 5.1 million
Current Project Values Malaysia; MR$ 1.5 million
Invoiced Value MR$ 250,000
Letters of Intent Value Malaysia; MR$ 5.1 million
Project Negotiation MR$ 9.9 million
Project Negotiation Abu Dhabi AED$ 50 million

It is the intention of the current corporate owner to relinquish shareholding in the total group for an investment into the organisation to allow the group of companies to meet the expansion strategy as set out.

The investor would see the shareholding being divided into a 60% / 40% ratio, for a investment of US$5 Million.

Should the investor not wish to take up shareholding, then the organisation is prepared to Profit share on all projects derived from the introduction in the region of introduction. This profit sharing would be at a rate of 5% to 8% of the net profit.

The Company is seeking private fund to invest in its group of companies in Malaysia, Australia and Abu Dhabi.

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