Renewable energy has gained widespread acceptance in Asia, not only helps to diversify the fuel pool, but also ensures energy supply security. The global urgency in curbing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, coupled with the rising cost of oil and gas, has led countries in the region to introduce proactive renewable energy policies.

Upon completion of a number of years of R&D on the renewable energy, a multi-functional Catalytic Cracking Furnace was invented and developed, with new oil refinery processes and technological breakthrough to convert the waste materials into fossil-based Motor Vehicle Petrol and Diesel fuel.

Current method operates on a type of pyrolysis with extreme temperature and heat under deep pressure cycles, and requires some level of moisture to prevent combustion. These systems are relatively expensive to run due to heat requirements and costly to maintain.

The company through its R&D team has found new method to process the waste oil with more efficient and greener ways to convert it into diesel and petrol. It imitates the natural geological processes to produce of fossil fuels type, this new invention operated under atmospheric pressure and low temperature.

This project anticipates to create not only an alternative source of fuel energy strategic to the country when the world is sustaining a highly volatile fuel prices and fast depleting oil reserves, but an immediate solution to the huge amount of waste materials generated in our home country detrimental to the environmental issues. xxx Sdn. Bhd. is seeking assistance from Funder / Investor to provide financing for Commercialization of the PYROLYTIC DECOMPOSITION AND OIL REFINERY TECHNOLOGY TO CONVERT WASTE OIL INTO FOSSIL- BASED DIESEL AND GASOLINE operated under normal pressure and low temperature with an output of 100 MT per day, In other words, the process shall acquire lesser energy and more cost effective to develop and to be used widely.

The new fund shall be used to purchase manufacturing facilities and equipment. Xxx Sdn Bhd will also acquire experience personnel to further assist the company in achieving its goal to mass produce the diesel fuel. With revenue at RM54.0 million per annum, xxx Sdn Bhd is positive that the project shall bring profit to the company and enhancing the economic growth for the country.

The company has been awarded the following certificate:-

Granted as Pioneer Status Company by Malaysian Industrial Development Authority
(MIDA), thereby enjoying 100% tax free period of 5 years with options to extend another 5 years;

Granted License to Manufacture Petroleum and Petrol Chemical Products Under the Petroleum Development Act, 1974 by Ministry of International Trade And Industry, Malaysia (MITI) to manufacture and market petroleum products;

The technology has been filed for patent with MyIPO (Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia) under The Patents Act;

Certified and granted with Green Technology Certificate for an approved amount of RM24.6 Million under Green Technology Financing Scheme by Ministry of Energy, Green Technology & Water
Contact william@capital.com.my for more information

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