Main products: Optical frames of various brands.
Business has been operating since 28/05/201, Sole-proprietor
Paid up capital Approx RM150,000
Latest annual turnover: RM250,000+/- per annum
Total monthly fixed expenses including rental, salary: RM6000+/- including utilities bill.
Profit margin (i.e. gross margin): 80%
Current Staffs: nil
Company has no adverse records and no outstanding loan with banks

Asking price: To be offered
Asking price is based on: Assets, stable income, growing business, strong customer base and more than 50% of market share in the town.
Fixed Assets: Machinery and stocks approx RM100,000
Reason of selling: Want to take a break and divert to other business in the future.

Special license required running the business – MOC certification