Current Status Revenue Generating, Pre-Profit
Amount Invested RM 120,000.00
Funding Required RM300,001 to RM600,000
Description We started off originally as a Medical device distributor in 2012 and up till 2016 we were importing medical devices and selling them to doctors. We generate revenues of about RM 1.3 million a year doing this business and we have a team of 5 staff, we have a running office and an existing client base of about 120 clients (clinics) actively buying from us. We are licensed to import and distribute medical devices in Malaysia by the Medical Device Authority of Malaysia.
Business Opportunity We realised in early 2016 that there was a huge decrease in the medical device distribution business and sales started going down for us and generally doctors were not investing in the type of devices we were selling which are a little high end as products we sell are all above RM 20k per unit and were not necessities. In late 2016, we decided not to fight the trend and get into absolute essentials like tubes, needles, syringes, bandages and smaller equipment such as Blood Pressure monitoring devices and glucose monitoring devices. We gathered all the importers and manufacturers in Malaysia and negotiated the lowest prices possible and decided to launch an online store in early 2017 selling 300+ consumables and small devices for clinics and hospitals. We decided to sell at least 30% than market price as right now what the doctors really need are cheap prices to survive rough conditions. We launched on the 5th of January 2017 and received some orders and we think with marketing push, this website can make it. We do not have the cash or manpower to make it happen so we need an investment.
Revenue / Business Model We know almost all the local importers and manufacturers in Malaysia who do not sell directly to clinics. What they do is they have agents or distributors sell their products for them and the mark up in this industry is usually not lower than 100%. What we did is we approached all of them, negotiated better prices and started posting it onto our online store. We only mark up 20% from the prices given to us which makes the products on our page substantially cheaper than what they are getting from their usual distributors. The model is simple, we do not keep stock. We only post the products up and market the website, each time we get an order, we receive payment first and we execute the order using that payment. We needed this risk free model to stay safe and we intend to continue using this risk free model. We have had doctors who advised us that the prices are fantastic, we just have to work on getting the word out.
Management Team There are two of us on the management team and collectively we have 36 years of business experience running 7 different types of business over the years. We have been together in this company since 2013. We both hold bachelor degrees and grew our company to a RM 1.8 million revenue company in just 1 year with a RM 100,000 investment. Will reveal more to potential investors.
Company Background We started this company in October 2013 and started operations in January 2014. We have put in RM 120,000.00 of our own money into this business since inception.
Funding Milestone We are looking for a RM 350,000.00 investment . The use of funds will be as following :

1) RM 250,000.00 will be used for online, magazines and physical marketing (physical sales meetings). We know exactly which websites to advertise with, which magazines to advertise with and how to physically meet and deal with doctors. This includes money we are looking for to hire people to be in the sales team. It is important to have a physical touch besides online marketing in this industry.

2) RM 100,000.00 will be used for operational costs and buffer cash.

% Equity Allocation 50%
Expected ROI ROI within 2 years and profits thereafter. We have prove this can be done.
Risks and Mitigation will reveal to potential investors.
Exit Strategies Will reveal to potential investors.
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