Current Status Revenue Generating, Pre-Profit
Amount Invested RM 20,000+
Funding Required RM5,000,000 or more
Description I live in JB and often go to Singapore with my family for visiting. We used to find money changer from place to place. Few months ago, while we were exchanging currency with a merchant, a man who carried a bag approached us and asked the merchant for exchange rate of SGD 30,000 to MYR. Due to focusing on counting the right exchange for us, the man already left for the next money changer before the merchant responded to his expected rate. By that time my mum and I are shocked by the man’s behavior, we would never carry that much of cash and look around for expected money changer.

Thus I created the platform for money changers to promote business as well as for users convenience and safeness. Using our services, users can review and find their expected money changer without running hither and thither. Besides, merchants could share their information to customers more efficiently.

The services platform we provide consists of web app and mobile apps. is a web app for merchants to upload and submit data, users who downloaded our mobile apps can retrieve real time data from it.
is the mobile app for users to view real time exchange rate and find high exchange rate/nearest money changer.

Business Opportunity We help people to find expected money changer (whether the highest rate or nearest to users), without running hither and thither, and the existing platform can be replicate to border of many different countries (China & Hong Kong, US & mexico) with ease. And we are currently developing the international version platform for the globe. We are confident that we are the very first/few company which do this.