Online-travel advisor seeking US$475K expansion fund

Online-travel advisor seeking US$475K expansion fund

Brief Description:

xxxx strives to become the one-stop resource center for independent travelers in Asia.

In a growing market for individual traveling xxxx provides first-hand and high-quality information to Asia enthusiasts in the age group of 20 to 35. We serve a cutting edge research database and tools to exercise bookings immediately. We consolidate and improvise the useful tools from travel sites and blogs. The goal is to help travelers making their trip planning quicker and affordable based on their needs.

Each member of the management team possesses more than 10 years of working experience in the decisive division. The product development benefits from the experience in multimedia, front and backend development and marketing . Our marketing and management strategies derived from former projects with global players. We have over 6 years experience in hostel business and are passionated backpackers.

A majority of our customers are novice and unexperienced travelers. Often information provided through the internet is confusing and not interactive whilst printed guide books are heavy and outdated.

Our product helps users to save time and cost by using our navigator. The trip can completely be planned prior to the start of the journey which avoids financial strains. We merge all relevant information from our database and provide affordable flights, accommodations and tours according to their destination. Also, through our community backpackers can connect with self-minded travelers and exchange their experience through our community.

Our target group consists of travelers between 20 and 35 years from Asia, Australia, Europe and North America. Roughly one fifth of all travelers in Asia are backpackers. The number of travelers is expected to increase about 9% annually – driven by budget airlines and a higher demand from China, India and East Asia. Furthermore, social networks such as Facebook have contributed an enormous impact to the tourism industry as a whole.

Our strategy is to be ranked at the top of search engine, banner advertisement and keep reaching our growing community through Facebook and Twitter. We will continue working with our affiliates to provide products relevant to our users. Our future blueprints include the creation of mobile apps, produce journals, brochures and printed travel guides. Finally, offering affiliate program and JV with hostels, tours, dive centers and travel agencies.

We gain revenues through Google AdSense, commissions from affiliated partners, providing affiliates, off and online shopping such as travel guides, books and traveling gears, franchising and consulting fees.