Overseas Education Services Start-up investment with 355% returns on investment in 6 years

Overseas Education Services Start-up investment with 355% returns on investment in 6 years

Current Status Pre-Revenue
Amount Invested RM52,000
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description Solutions Plus Malaysia LLP is a consultancy firm dealing with overseas education services. We aim to help and support our students achieve their goals and aspirations in life. We, Solutions Plus Malaysia believe in the power of education. It broadens the spectrum of knowledge which is vital to get hold of your own mind. It is the core ingredient in having dreams and turning it into reality. Having your own imagination and original ideas will make you, OWN SUCCESS. Success helps in the balance of life. To make everyone become self-dependent, a little bit of job security, no inferiority complex and a well-organized understanding of the world. Education might not be the key to happiness but it definitely is key to a lot of other things which come together to make us happy.

Our VISION and MISSION is to provide support to aspiring achievers. To motivate aspirants to excellence, to be independent and self-sufficient adults who will succeed and contribute responsibly in a global community.

We live by OUR VALUES, to COMMIT, to INSPIRE, to be CONSISTENT, and to be OPTIMISTIC at all times.

Quality counselling is the key to helping people. The knowledge, the experience and the expertise we have makes a lot of difference. The love and care for people who need support. The hand that’s always ready to hold for guidance. The commitment in our hearts to do the utmost service and to influence one another to look at the world through new eyes.

Solutions Plus Malaysia doesn’t promise work after graduation, we don’t promise wealth BUT success in your own field of interest. We commit to bring support to our future achievers. We inspire one to believe there is future. We, Solutions Plus Malaysia embraces everyone like family, supports everyone like a friend. Treats everyone like VIP.

We live in a fast paced world. Everyone is busy. Everybody’s time is precious. To achieve the mission and fulfil our vision in the most efficient way, we sought partnership with one of the top agency in India .We are currently connected with MEDWAY Education Consultant Pvt. Ltd. MEDWAY Education Consultant Pvt. Ltd. has been doing successful business for more than 10 years. They are the experts in the crucial part of recruitment and conversion that is Profile assessment and Visa process.

Our services
1) University placement assistance
2) Career Counselling
3) Programme Counselling
4) Job Placement Assistance
5) Travel and accommodation assistance
6) Immigration/ visa process assistance

Business Opportunity We assist candidates who are interested to study, work and live in New Zealand. We help with student’s enrolment, funding through scholarships, Job search, visa process and information on the pathways to permanent residency. Based on migration profile generated by UNICEF of Malaysia, a steady growth in migration to first world country is clearly shown. Since there are strict migration policies in the countries like Australia, USA, UK and Canada, students are looking at other option and that is New Zealand.

New Zealand education is equally good. It is also internationally recognized. Gaining professional qualification in New Zealand is logical, with 1NZD – 2.78RM currency exchange rate. New Zealand is the current preferred migration location.

Our target market:

1) Undergraduates
2) College graduates
3) Students with Postgraduate qualification
4) Students with Masters qualification
5) Working professionals
6) Non-working Professionals

Revenue / Business Model We earn income from every successful university placement. Commission received by Medway from University/College from the students referred or processed by SPI to be shared in the ration of 70:30 (70% SPI 30% Medway).

The commission from University/College is normally received 4-6 weeks after the student starts his course.

For the first 20 students, 20% on the net tuition fees. For 20 students up- commission of 25% and up of the net Tuition fees. Commission rate is negotiable depending on the number of students sent. Some private colleges offered a direct 40% agreement with Kharissa (SPI) alone. (No sharing with Medway)

10% of year 2 fee paid at the beginning of year 2. And 7% of year 3 fee paid at the beginning of year 3. From this income, Medway Education Consultant Pvt. Ltd absorbs 30% of our year 1 fee as they are assisting us on the administration work with universities and immigration.

Years of study varies depending on the student’s qualification.

Management Team KharissaUyBienes

– She is a registered agent and is currently Medway’s Director of marketing in the Southeast Asia Region. She has full knowledge about New Zealand Education, The programmes offered to international students, equipped with Immigration policy knowledge. With its crucial parts the assessment and visa application. She is the knowledge point of contact. She deals with counselling, training counsellors, attends education fairs along with New Zealand College and university representatives.

Shasikumar Ramalingam

– He works on business matters such as advertising and marketing, business development, HR and recruitment and direction of business. He also works on financial and growth through market research.

Company Background Solutions Plus Malaysia LLP (Malaysia) and Solutions Plus International (Philippine) was set up in September 2015. Both started operations in October 2015. A total of pre-set up investment made is around RM70,000. The breakdown is as below:

Office set up Philippines inclusive licencing and permit of operation: RM10,000
Lending with interest: RM55,000 (Fully utilised for marketing, set up of premise and travel for agreement and business set up in both countries)
Virtual office, training and recruiting in Malaysia: RM3,500

Full list or receipt and accounts will be presented during presentation.

The milestone we have reached to date is stated below

Total students under counselling: 15
Total students application under process (awaiting offer letter and visa approval): 9
Total student visa approved to date: 1
Total student visa declined: 0
Total students for July intake to date: 25
Total pending income: RM184,870
Pending commission pay out date: August 2016
Total operating period: 4 months

Funding Milestone We are looking for investors that could fund us for partial start-up. This funding will be directed to marketing mainly in education fairs throughout Malaysia and Philippine. The funding requested and usage allocations are as below:-

Total start-up investment proposed RM120,000.00
Marketing from March 2016 to August 2016 47.5% / RM57,000
Operations from March 2016 to August 2016 52.5% / RM63,000

Projected sign up expected in this period: 40 Students
Projected income with this estimation: RM295,792

% Equity Allocation 10
Expected ROI 355%
Risks and Mitigation Risk
Education is recession proof hence the only risk involving this business is stated below.
– Only 2 major intakes a year with 2 commission pay out months (March and August)

Mitigation Plan
– If operating cost could not be covered while waiting for commission to be paid out, a security deposit of RM1,000 to be charged to all applicants who are qualified. This security deposit will be refunded to applicant or their family once they start their course in New Zealand

Exit Strategies The exit option that has been planned upfront is for a shareholder buy back. We have strategic plan to buy over from the investors with profit sharing after.

We are proposing a full buy back in 1 year with 12% interest.
And we are also proposing a 10% return of company profit for the next 4 years

And as closing and appreciation, we would like to add another year profit sharing of 10%.

Based on the understated income and realistic cost, the total profit projected for the first 6 years are as below:

1 RM247,584.00 RM134,400.00
2 RM407,894.40 RM40,789.44
3 RM521,702.24 RM52,170.22
4 RM587,732.46 RM58,773.25
5 RM660,365.71 RM66,036.57
6 RM740,262.28 RM74,026.23


Company Name Solutions Plus Malaysia LLP
Website/Facebook http://www.facebook.com/solutionsplusinternational
Business Address Level 28, The Gardens South Tower, Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 Kuala Lumpur, Selangor
Contact Person Shasikumar