OWW Capital Partners

OWW Capital Partners

OWW Capital Partners (“OWW”) formerly known as OCBC, Wearnes & Walden Management was established by OCBC Bank, WBL Corporation and Walden International in 1991. In October 2006, the management team of OWW acquired WBL Corporation’s interests and the company assumed its current name.

OWW invests in service providers in infocomm technology, logistics, education/training, healthcare, financial services and consumer services sectors. Currently, OWW has over US$140 million under management.


OWW seeks to participate in companies that will capitalise on the growth of service industry in East Asia and in particular, in the sectors of infocomm technology, logistics, education/training, healthcare, financial services and consumer services. OWW also invests in established companies in these sectors that seek to enhance their value proposition by providing outsourcing services.

Region: Greater China and South-East Asia

Stage: All stages with a preference for expansion stage

Instrument: Equity or Equity-related instruments

Investment Size: US$0.5 to US$10 million

Shareholding: Minority Stake

Board Representation: Will normally seek board representation

Investment Criteria

OWW’s objective is to help create companies of enduring value while providing high returns to our investors. Elements common to OWW’s investments include:

Strong Management Team

The skills, experience and entrepreneurial qualities of management teams are the most important determinants of companies’ success. OWW believes in spending time with the management teams to understand their motivations, management philosophies and personalities. As a minority investor, OWW believes that the management teams are largely responsible for driving the businesses and allows these teams to retain large equity stakes.

Attractive Target Market

Companies should leverage on the long term growth trend of services sector in Asia and adopt innovative business models to address dynamic markets with high growth rates and substantial size. Companies must perform a thorough assessment of the risks and rewards in the target market and devise a plan to gain large market shares and establish dominant positions in defensible niches.


Companies must demonstrate a clear understanding of the importance of path to profitability and cashflow management.

Clear Exit Strategy

OWW works closely with management teams to determine the appropriate time for an IPO or sale to strategic partners – milestones that will elevate their profiles and build the foundations for the next stage of growth.