Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested 450 000 USD
Funding Required RM5,000,000 or more
Description Dear Sir

I am Denis Kipson and I would like to introduce our company Kipac armature d.o.o. – that has been in production of special machines for the past 45 years.Our company has developed,patented and manufactured FORAGE MAKER – machine for separating the fibres from the soft part of the leaf oil and coconut palms.The leaves that been separate is good as new and cheap source of livestock feed and fibre can be used in other industry ( textile,brooms and etc.).

We wanted to use this opportunity to present our Business Plan (investing into new and innovative technology of machine for separating midribs from the soft part of the leafs oil,coconut and date palm and facility for producing animal palm compound silage).

On the 12th Malaysia Technology Expo 2013 our machine was awarded the gold medal for the invention.

We are working on this project last 6 years and we have made a detailed analysis potential of manufacturing machinery for separating midribs from palm leaf and producing facility for produce animal palm compound silage for all kind ruminant whose forage is the green mass, which is obtained from the leaves of oil, coconut and date palm for countries which have large amounts of palms.

Our new innovative way of producing animal palm silage allow intensive cultivation of all types of ruminants in countries that do not developed cattle breeding and have large amounts of palm leaf which don’t use. Leaves have used such wastes which are burned.

We are looking for a partner that can help us to start producing new machinery and facility for producing animal palm compound silage.

If you are interested in our project I can send you more details.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any documents or information, that may help process.



Desinićka 14
10000 Zagreb

TEL: 00385 1 3691-971
FAX: 00385 1 3633-745

Business Opportunity Starting from the fact that in many countries huge quantity of palm leaves has been collected every year and since we have found that oil palm leaves and date palm leaves could be used for the production of voluminous forages needed for the ruminant feeding we have been developing technological and technical solutions in order to make the palm leaf compound silage production efficient, ecologically acceptable and profitable. In this respect we would like to emphasise that we have already produced a prototype of the oil palm leaf processing machine that may be used in the preparation phase of the compound silage production.

The objective of this Prefeasibility Study is to elaborate the alternative model of milk-and- meat production in countries that dispose with a large number of oil and date palm trees. Namely, in accordance with the expert research palm leaves could and should be the source for the green mass production. It is the base for the livestock feed production and the intensive cattle farming, accordingly. In order to utilise the palm leaf as an ingredient in the ruminant ratio a new technology proposed in this Prefeasibility Study should be applied. It is about the entirely new and innovative model of livestock breeding which could be implemented by the use of the innovative palm leaf processing machines, compound silage production facilities and the innovative compound silage recipe mixture.
The intention of this Prefeasibility Study is to show that the milk production can be organised in the corresponding countries by the usage of the green mass obtained from de- fibred palm leaves, particularly. The oil palm and date palm leaf could be a base for the livestock feed – the compound silage production enabling a considerable increase in the milk and meat production. The mission of this Study is to show that there are possibilities of the dairy development and an increase in the milk production using own national natural resources.

Revenue / Business Model There has been identified the three major market niches on the demand side of the market exchange. These market niches are:
1. Planters
2. Livestock Feed Producers
3. Farmers.

Planters are identified as the potential investors or those entrepreneurs who may be interested in solving their own problems, i.e. the huge annual quantity of palm fronds that has to be cut in accordance with the palm cultivation procedures. It is about palm leaves that have been treated as the waste with the real disposal problem they generate instead of treating them as the valuable national natural resource usable in the compound silage production.

What are the potential narrower market niches for the palm leaf processing machines and compound silage facilities to be supplied to? These are the following major ones:
• Oil and date palm planters who get the opportunity to enter the production of compound silage by proactively using of the present waste – palm fronds and leaves for this purpose;
• Livestock feed producers who could innovate their production by substituting the present standard silage mixtures with the innovative ones in which palm leaves make one of the important components;
• Farmers who may convert the extensive cattle farming into intensive ones that should change the development of animal husbandry in general generating the increase of production and decreasing the production costs at the same time.

Management Team Authors of the project:
Mr. Mladen Kipson , constructor Engineering
Mr. Mustafa Nušinović, Ph.D. Economics
Mr. Drago Vrbanac, M.Sc.- B.Sc. Crop Science; M.Sc.- B.Sc. Animal Science Mr.
Mirko Tomičević, B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering
Company Background Company Kipac armature d.o.o. – that has been in production of special machines for the past 45 years has invest 450 000 USD in that project.
Funding Milestone 8,100 000,00 USD
% Equity Allocation 44,88 %
Contact Person DENIS KIPSON
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