Pentagon Fitness & Gym Kuala Lumpur

Pentagon Fitness & Gym Kuala Lumpur

Project Cost: RM1.5mil

Amount Invested : RM300,000

Amount Required : RM1.2Mil

Knowledge / Experience Required:
general management

Proposed Investor’s Role:
full time

Industry: biotechnology / healthcare

Project Stage: concept


Company History:

1) 5 years of experience in Fitness.
2) Degree holder (Business Studies, Major in Marketing & Finance)

Product / Service Description:

1) A mixed concept of fitness and Mix Martial Arts (MMA) training centre in a Warehouse/Factory property (10,000 – 12,000 sqft).
2) The One of A Kind gym that ever be seen in Malaysia.

Business Opportunity:

1) Numbers of people joining gym & fitness have been rapidly increasing – There are many fitness centers are opened every year (Fitness First, Celebrity, Gorgeous & etc) and increase in supplement stores.
2) More youngest are attracted to MMA. (Facts: More MMA centres opened, MMA Competition organized by Tune Talk in 2013)
3) Y gen – Increasing number of college & Uni students and spending power.
4) X gen – Increasing number in elderly (30-50yo) people joined gym due to health issue and spare time.

Revenue Model: Revenue Model:

1) Monthly membership fees
2) Personal Training Session fees
3) Registration fees
4) Supplement & Accessories

Management Team: n/a

Current Status:

Concept Status. Full capital needed to start-up.

Funding Milestone: n/a

Business Valuation: n/a

Expected Return On Investment:

Expected 100% Return of Equity is within a first 2 years. Projected average nett income on the 3rd year of operation is RM100,000 per month.

Investment Risk and Mitigation:

1)Some existing members in others fitness centre are mostly bound by yearly contract OR may not be willing to change.
2)The possibility of an upcoming fitness centre to be opened near Pentagon.

Exit Strategies:

1) Business relocation
2) Sold of assets (Equipments & Furnitures)
– Most of the funds to be invested on equipments & furnitures. Thus there are resell value.


Steven Lee (
Company Name: Pentagon Fitness
Postal Address : Cheras
State : Kuala Lumpur
Post Code : 56100
Country : Malaysia
Mobile: 016-3374159