Project Cost: RM 520,300

Amount Invested : RM 10,700

Amount Required : RM500,000

Knowledge / Experience Required:
general management
other (Media, Advertising)

Proposed Investor’s Role:
full time
as mentor
as consultant

informatics / multimedia
others (Advertising, Media, Social Media)

Project Stage:


Company History:

Falcon Lee, who is graduated merit in Bachelor Degree of Information System Engineering from the local famous college, Tunku Abdul Rahman College. Falcon has years of experience in handling customers to reach customers’ requirement, software, website design & development, server maintenance, technical and etc. Prior to his full concentration to Picturic Network, he was worked with a software company and he had experience in social media integration, project management, system development, system debugging and maintenance, problem solving and etc. Besides, he does involve himself in a startup website project, named Foodirector aside from his full time employment. He contributed to the website in term of ideas, online marketing, development, technical issues and etc.

Sim CC, Bachelor of Information Technology (HONS) Computer Engineering from University Tunku Abdul Rahman. Prior to Sim engagement with Picturic Network, he was working in networking industry and responsible in network maintenance, network troubleshoots, network security and others networking related issues. Besides of this, he also has the experience in E-commerce business, The F Trends and major in marketing roles, that is, the online marketing.

Product / Service Description:

Picturic Network is a brand new Chinese webpage about lifestyle and aim to become the Malaysia strongest and biggest platform attracting internet users to visit the webpage. With the high internet users visiting rate, this webpage will be a great and ideal digital advertising medium. Picturic is not only a normal chinese website, the content is creative and we special tailor made for our customer, thus conversion rate is higher.

Business Opportunity:

Offline advertising like newspaper ads, magazine ads, radio ads, flyers and etc might not bring effective rate to merchant because it could not perform targeting to correct audience, besides, it is not measurable. Some of the online advertising solution like banner ads or text ads, could not bring effective rate to merchant, because the placement of the ads is normally on right hand side, which is not visitor focus on. Daily deal advertising solution may cause the merchant business increase, but the more deal sold out, the more cost merchant have to bear. To consumer, daily deal website is just to buy a discount deal. But how many percent of people do really remember what deal he/she enjoy before?

Facebook ads and Google ads solution, we do some survey by asking our client. Most of the client have no knowledge on creating a good content and manage online advertising very well. Thus, the facebook and google ads could not deliver good result to them because of does not how to manage well. Picturic able to solve all the above issues. It has tracking tools to keep track how many views, clicks, engagement to the ads. We can analyze the report with the merchant at the end of the campaign and able to plan what to enhance further.

We are creating a creative social content to our customer (merchant). And then we push to content to social media. Visitor are attracted by our creative title and image and click into it to see more details about the merchant story, this can give consumer more impression to the merchant product / services. Picturic website was embedded social sharing tools, the post is keep sharing and viral effect makes the post always flowing in social network, but we does not charge if it is shared by thousand or millions peoples, all the plans is fix fees with guaranty reach, this makes merchant more comfort to buy us.

We are handling all the content creation part to our merchant, so they does not need to worry about content creation problem. We are currently aiming the SME market, in malaysia SME market is very very big, and sooner, we will target to branded company. From the statistic total consuming in online advertising is growth rapidly in Malaysia and Asia Pacific. So, once Malaysia is stable, we will expand to neighbour country asap, to penetrate the market and become the leading in the market like groupon.

Revenue Model:

The Picturic gains revenue from approaching customers to place advertisements in the webpage of There are generally two types of customers targeted:
1. Small Medium Enterprises (SME)
2. Branded Organizations

Management Team:

Falcon Lee, business plan, website developer, strategy planning, sales.
Sim, content creator, facebook marketing, business plan.

Current Status:

So far we have did around 8 customer, got few is schedule to be run in coming weeks. So far the revenue is around RM 5400. Profit is around 70%.

Business Valuation:

30 – 40%, can discuss again.

Expected Return On Investment:

Expected ROI is 28.5%, within 1 year.

Investment Risk and Mitigation:

1. Insufficient of brand awareness
2. Lack of human resources


Falcon Lee
Picturic Network
32A, Villa Laman Tasik, Jalan Sri Permaisuri 6, Bandar Sri Permaisuri
State : Willayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
Post Code : 56000
Country : Malaysia
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