Pre-Pitching to Investors

Pre-Pitching to Investors

Got a business idea and need to raise CAPITAL from angel investors? Validate your idea and practice your pitch in this closed group before talking to any investors.

You are allowed to pitch for 5 minutes and then take questions and receive feedback for another 10 minutes. The pitching must be in the following sequence:

1. Title of your project (Please use a good, short, catchy, concise and straight to the point title. Do not use more than 5 words.)

2. The Problem (The most important thing is to identify a problem that is worth solving. If your product or service doesn’t solve a problem that potential customers have, you don’t have a viable business. Simple as that.)

3. The Solution (Too many entrepreneurs start with a solution: a product or service that they think the market needs without first identifying the problem they are solving. As a smart entrepreneur, you can avoid this mistake by first making sure that you are solving a real problem that customers actually have before you define your solution).

4. How much you plan to raise and the proposed use of fund?

5. What is the investment offering? i.e. How much equity are you willing to allocate to the Investors for that funding amount?

The audience will vote for the top pitch. The winner will be invited to speak for another 10 minutes to cover topics such as the market potential, competition, team etc, and get further coaching from on the spot.

Regardless whether you are selected or not, the organizer will follow up on your idea if it is interesting enough.

7:30pm Welcome note
7:40pm Pitches & Feedback (6 pitches)
9:10pm Winner’s presentation (1 winner)
9:20pm Closing & Networking

There are only 6 pitching slots. To ensure you can present about yourself, please contact the organizer at to book your slot.

The event is free. Please pay for your own dinner and drinks. RSVP now to pitch or listen to pitches. is managed by GLOBAL BRIDGE MANAGEMENT SB, a growth consulting company provides growth financing in exchange for equity ownership, a highly experienced team and network of resources and timely market intelligence that propel business of all size to its next level. Check out

Pitch ‘n’ Win is a fun event platform where everyone can pitch, present, share and learn from one another. Find out more at

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