Welcome to PitchDO – a Private Membership Platform powered by CAPITAL.MY

An exclusive private membership platform especially for experienced company owners, executives, founders and investors from many different industries, opening doors to new capital, investments and business relationships.

Member Benefits:

Members of PitchDO are able to post, pursue, and interact directly with each others to:

Raise Capital and find Investments;

Discuss Partnership, Joint Venture, Merger and Acquisition opportunities;

Source Key Personnel, Board Members, Advisors and Mentors;

Buying and Selling Businesses;

Selling and Licensing IP;

Sales of Products and Services


As part of your capital raising strategy to generate interest and awareness prior to a capital raising.

  1. Initiate relationships with potential investors.
  2. Find strategic investors for future funding rounds.
  3. Find active investors or additions to the board and management team of your company.
  4. Peer-to-peer learning and support in capital raising and growth.
  5. Establish commercial relationships which can accelerate a company’s growth, through exposure to a potential joint venture and licensing partners, and companies seeking merger or acquisition opportunities.


Can either cultivate a portfolio on your behalf or allow you to build a personalized portfolio on your own.

  1. Browse and shortlist latest investment deals.
  2. Message and connect with entrepreneurs to discuss deals and grow your network.
  3. Manage your investments and grow your portfolio.


Showcase your offerings, events and collaboration opportunities. Regular company announcements published on the platform, private introductions and access to innovative, emerging companies, sponsors and partners.

Meetings & Events

From luncheons to seminars to multi-day conferences, PitchDO, through its chapters around the country, bring you the finest opportunities to connect in person. 

Our speaker series consists of outstanding and successful individuals in their respective industries and they will be sharing their expertise and experience leading to their success.

Pitching Sessions

For investors, this session would offer you the right exposure to screen potential business for investment opportunities and for entrepreneurs, this is the place to meet and get the first-hand feedback from the potential investors.

Let’s Dive In!

PitchDO is designed to make things happen.

When the right people connect, amazing things happen!