We are using patented Bio Technology Systems to produce plant seedling with better immunity, growth and yield. It is highly efficient, compact with minimum operating costs, secure and improved contamination control, produce superior planting stock & greater profitability. Seeking potential investors to grow and continuing our expansion plan


Government (MTIB) – Replanting forest trees using high technology seedling via tissue culture processes. Project value: RM 2 mil; Location: Olak Lempit, Banting, Selangor.

Commercial (4 acres model) – Supply seedling to local farmers – bananas, dragon fruits, chilli, ornamental plants & Export to Singapore – Bananas, orchids. Project value RM 2.5 mil ; Location: Batu Pahat, Johor


Weaning Chamber –Tropicalised tissue-cultured plant weaning system for acclimatising tissue cultured plantlets.

• Crafted to suit tropical climate
• Reduced Weaning period Survival rate up to 95% (~Higher Profits)
• Fully Automated.
• Mobile and instantly operational Compact with minimal operational cost

iTC Lab (Instant Tissue-Culture Lab)

“InstantTCLab”: – Advantages

• Highly efficient, fully equipped, instantly operational, & completely mobile
• Compact with minimum operating costs
• Continuous technical support(e.g. online support & training for key personal)
• Efficient utilization of space(i.e. maximized production per unit area)
• Secure and improved contamination control
• Dedicated and convenient plant production
• Ideal for training & incubation (especially for young start-up entrepreneurs)
• Mobile, thus can be strategically located (i.e. where most needed and beneficial)
• Reduced depreciation value (i.e. has resale value)

Eco-Cools Climate Control System

“EcoCool” climate control: – An efficient cooling system for climate control in greenhouses under tropical climate.


Tissue-Culture Seedling: Ex-lab and Polybag (Plantable)

Advantages of TC Seedlings
1. Superior planting stock
2. Uniform growth & performance
4. Greater profitability
5. Produce True-To-Type planting material
6. Enhanced using Redox-Bio (Better immunity, growth and yield )



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