Plug ‘N Play IP CCTV Camera

Plug ‘N Play IP CCTV Camera

Current Status Pre-Revenue
Amount Invested 30,000RM
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description Key Features:
• Platform Independent, can be monitored over Android, IPhone and desktop OR any device where web browser will be present.
• Easy to configure “Plug n Play”
• 8MP HD CCTV Camera with high sensitivity and high frame rate imaging
• 20 FPS can capture with less processing effort and image quality will be HD
• Video support HD 1080p, 720p.
• Video recording using multiple files i.e. MPEG4, MJPEG file format etc.
• Motion Detection, able to detect objects and record accordingly using external trigger.
• Effective pixels (3280 x 2464 pixel) for static images
• Built-in anti-aliasing and IR-cut filter
• IR led for night vision.
• AEC – Automatic exposure control
• ABF -Automatic band filter
• Automatic 50/60 Hz luminance detection
• Automatic black level calibration
• AES – Auto-electronic shutter
• AWB – Auto white balance
• AGC- Auto gain control
• BLC- Back light compensation (selectable)
• DC or Video auto-iris support (selectable)
• Use an external source of radiant IR light for 0.0 LUX operation
• Internal Memory 32GB by default in CCTV Camera
• Wired and Wireless Communication (Wi-Fi)
• 1TB built-in storage in Camera
• Operating temperature range: -30° to 70°
• Temp range for stable image: 0° to 50°
• Operating Voltage: 220VAC
• No Extra Hardware Required ,Camera will do everything.
Business Opportunity Security systems are one of the basic needs of today’s world. CCTV Cameras are one of the basic ingredient used in today’s security system. CCTV Cameras leading market of today’s world.
This CCTV camera Got Following differences with respect to other CCTV Camera which is currently running in the market.
1) Only MY camera will do everything
2) Reducing DVR Cost.
3) Reducing wiring Cost.
4) Data can store over a network any where ,like drop box,google cloud,any storage device etc.
5) Camera by self got default 32gb memory and extend up to 1000gb.
6) No Video Lost until no one will physically damage camera.
7) Reduce Installation cost.
9) Can provide support from remote location.
Revenue / Business Model We have multiple platform to sell this product .

1) We will make channel through eCommerce website where we sell our product all over Asian market first.
2) We are planning to connect with new or under development Building where we can give customize solutions to them.
3) Also we are doing marketing through our brochure where we are passing our products information to restaurants , bungalows , Super markets,Existing Buildings.
4) BTS towers.
5) Making links to Government where newly Metro Stations we can sell this products.
6) Approaching to Corporate offices where they want to renovate existing CCTV system or Newly they want to fix.

Management Team Mr. Abdinav Kumar Singh (Director) Having 7++ years of experience in IT industry as a Security system designer and Telecommunication Expert.
Mr. Satayanarayna Having 14 years of Management Experience. He is one of Independent Director.
Mr. Kartik Having 16 Years of As Business Development Manager. Now he is one Director of this company.
Company Background MapleTree Solutions established in 2011 by well qualified and industry experienced Information technology and Recruitment professionals, which main charter of providing a unique job recruitment platform where the prospective employers and potential employees meet. MapleTree solutions has shown our capabilities with proven track records in mass hiring of companies and big corporate.

MapleTree Solutions is also keen into project implementations with expertise in Application Development, Application Maintenance Service, Web Development, Business Intelligence, Security System Design,Infrastructure, Engineering, Logistics & Health care based applications and other IT enables services. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of technical training and education services designed for individuals, companies and public organizations to acquire, maintain and optimize their IT skills in Business Intelligence Software and other software.

Funding Milestone We have several Stages to use this amount.
1) Procurement for Cameras (June 2016 -July 2016) Rm 100000
2) Productions of cameras (August 2016-August 2016) Rm 50000
2) Marketing of products (June 2016 onward) Rm 30000
3) Testing and support of devices (August 2016) Rm 70000
% Equity Allocation 20%
Expected ROI 7 to 8 Month
Risks and Mitigation The major Concern is the time required to approve some ISO standards also the SIRIM Malaysia which take almost 3 moths to get approval and capture the market of Malaysia. But we can start selling to our private links.
Exit Strategies The investor having options for both illiquid asset and liquid both.
Rest other it’s depend on Mutual understanding.
Company Name Mapletree Solution
Business Address Unit 11-12, 11 Floor, 3/137C , Off Old Klang Road, 58200 Kaula Lumpur, Malaysia
Contact Person Salman

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