Project Title Hey, My partner(Switzerland guy) and I are currently running a Mobile games development company that develop games and monetise it. Even better, we would sell mobile games to companies or maybe buyers that wants to monetise himself/herself.
Current Status Pre-Revenue
Amount Invested $10050
Funding Required RM600,001 to RM1,000,000
Description Positivity+ is a company that create numerous mobile games and monetise it with ads. Not only that , we tend to sell some apps to buyers or companies that wish to monetise themselves.
Business Opportunity There are more than 300 mobile games launch on App Store and google play store everyday. This shows that societies tend to play games during their free time or maybe even before bed. Not only that, i think graphics quality for a game is very important as this can be a way that attracts users to continuously playing and bring them some happiness.
Revenue / Business Model Mainly by video ads and banner ads on each game. But its not just normal video ads and banner ads. How do you think when your trying to play a game and there will be ads popping up? frustrated right? Therefore, we are placing ads where benefits users to keep on tapping on it .
Management Team Currently there are only my partner and i operating it . Operation as in marketing, developing, designing and etc. Therefore we are planning into hiring more junior developers with passion of creating more ideas into reality games
Company Background All investment are currently under bootstrapping.
Funding Milestone We are happy to pronounced that we have developed two games on app stores and more to come. Our monthly goal is to create at least 4 mobile games a month.
% Equity Allocation 20% of equity of 1million for 5 years
Expected ROI annual dividend from profit. A sum of money will be given for government bond in order to secure investors money after 5 years even business doesn’t succeed.
Exit Strategies Three ways of exit plan for investors. One of it would be selling off your shares at current market after 5 years or you could continue investing for the next 5 years or maybe lower. Second decision would be company buys back your shares at market price. And lastly, even the business doesn’t succeed after 5 years, there will be a return on the amount of investment from investors. So there won’t be any loss to investors even it fail.
Company Name Plus Positivity
Business Address 33A, Jalan SS2/30
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