Business Opportunity

PosiGrip International onvites applications for Master Distributorship rights for the region of Malaysia
PosiGrip® provides safety for floors, tubs & showers.

According to the National Safety Council there are over 9 million disabling slip and fall injuries every year. With that in mind, CleanGrip Solutions introduces PosiGrip® – The solution to the world’s slip and fall accidents.

PosiGrip® increases the coefficient of friction through a process that creates a tread design on the flooring which has no visible change to its looks and feel.

Who needs PosiGrip®?

The list is endless… Fast food outlets, nursing homes, restaurants, office buildings, hospitals, shopping malls, spas, resorts, country clubs, hotels, bathroom and showers are just some of the facilities that can benefit from the application of PosiGripâ.


PosiGrip® creates a “Tread Pattern” that makes your surfaces slip-Resistant! All mineral-based surfaces are porous by nature. When the PosiGrip surface treatment is applied, the natural pores are widened and deepened to create a tread pattern that is not slippery.

Business Opportunity

Before treatment, the microscopic surface of the tile is rounded, and is considered a dangerous slip fact

Business Opportunity

After treatment, the tile surface has a higher friction factor, making it much safer for everyone.

PosiGrip – A market leader incorporated since 1986 in over 30 countries worldwide has been :

Listed as one of the Inc. 500’s fastest growing companies in the USA.
Clients include Hospitals, Shipping Centres, Fast Food Outlets, Nursing, Resorts, Airports everywhere for the past 20 years.
Take advantage of an exciting business opportunity, allowing distributors to benefits from a highly profitable and proven business.
Interested Applicatns should have a minimum investment capital of USD$30,000.

For International or Distributorship Enquiries:
Asia Pacific Region

Simon Ng
Regional Director

8 Senoko South Road
(Singapore 758095)


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