Current Status Loss-making, Turnaround
Amount Invested RM2milion
Funding Required RM5,000,000 or more
Description I am 36 years business man start power plant industries business since 2005 and have lost in last 2 years of bad collections on subcontractors and now 1 year slowly growing back in track which company dept from 1.5 million drop to RM700k estimations and have wide opportunity in power industry. I need an investor to support me in cash value and back bone for company to growth in 2 year time . We don’t have any bank loan so far due to documentations issue . Looking for real investor help to make young enterprise success .
Business Opportunity Power plant business is one of the sustainable business more dealing with power . The clients is good pay master too.
Revenue / Business Model All system in power plant is critical and power need to be run almost every day . Engineering item resources get item and breaks down task completions is major key for generate the business.
More tender value and since now economic slow down only strong business people can buy expensive tender to participate. Buying tender power are limitations to company week in cash for participating. More participants more business and strategy.
Management Team From 2005 to 2014 we have almost 38 management staff and now 2016 we only have total 7 including my self .

Team are competence of
Creating sales
Admin management
Project executions
Finance management
Sub contracting labours

-when new investor support received new team will perform upgrading and add more staff.

Company Background Started in 2005 until present . Highest turn over is 4 millions per year . Lowest turn over is 500k per year .

We have making 30% profit .

Investment made up to now is RM2milion .

Funding Milestone All investor funding will be delivered return in 5 years time depend on amount of funding taken.

First stage funding
-dept recovering
Second stage funding
-Upgrade entire system and do sales until funding amount reaches 70%.
Third stage funding
-reserved cash value when second stage funding empty . More business purpose .

% Equity Allocation 50% If they buy the company at 2 milions
Expected ROI Average of 20% per year
Risks and Mitigation No risk . Team work required and care fully managed the finance . Company director will sign up insurance for dept recovers in case anything happen to the owners of company.

There will be risk of low sales margin due to high competition can cost the roi at 14%. Economy down term we can return all capital investment in period of time .

Exit Strategies I would like go for long term and growth with investor . Possible to be like warant buffet and make investor good return and growth together for next level of wealth and help the community.

All money invested will be guaranty return. I need strong investor stay with us.