Project Title : Industrial Plant Process Milk Detivatived & Fruits Vegetables

Project Cost: $55,000,000

Amount Invested : $5,500,000

Amount Required : $48,000,000

Knowledge / Experience Required:
general management
sale & marketing

Proposed Investor’s Role:
as mentor
as consultant

Project Stage: start-up

Executive Summary:

Letter requesting funding for the implementation of our project, which are an industrial processing plant organic natural foods, fruits and vegetables for human consumption

Applying our best research and development capabilities of the distribution and qualitative food industry growth was achieved continuously improving our quality. With the continuation of improving research and development capabilities of our food industry by applying the formula exclusive marketing and sales (DIRECT) CONSUMER (FINAL) FOR THE DISTRIBUTION OF FOOD. By eliminating the middleman, (shelf sales) this profit percentage will be for the benefit of the consumer.

Applying knowledge and synergies in research and development of the food industry, in collaboration with scientists from the National Technological University to achieve a constant renewal obtaining better food formulations with higher nutritional content with software-controlled machinery LP With the aim of improving competitiveness, low operating costs, obtain quality food products (UNIVERSAL). Our products may participate in the global market with competitive prices.

That applying the above criteria in paragraphs two and three, there is an increased likelihood of market participation of central and southern North America and Europe.

Company Name PREMIUM MILK AND CREAM, SA de CV. Vicente Luis Maria Nasta and Veron, with the post of CEO Shareholder with 70% of shares (A) (B)

Presents funding request with the following possibilities, loan financing for four years with a year of grace, repayment of capital of three years

Funding – (LOAN) with an interest rate of 6% per annum on the unpaid balance for the commissioning DOS) venture capital financing loan THREE, with direct benefits that the project will generate money, up to 50% of net income:

Cost of the project in its initial phase, before its release, $ 55, 000,000 million dollars. Project partners the additional contribution of $ 5, 000,000.00 U.S. Dollars. Quantity required for the application, $ 48 million U.S. dollars which is equivalent to 96% of the total project value. First proposition Credit card guarantee of the total amount of the loan = $ 47, 000,000.00 USD. Second proposal Warranty coverage insurance policy for the full amount of the loan

Third guarantee (TITLES) Treasury of the United States for the full amount of the loan. Issuing Company First American Title Insurance Company

The requested funding will be invested in the commissioning of the plant. Our project takes its base and sustainability with the attached documents, and support of our project, with the business plan. Book in Excel, the arguments presented in these documents are the support of the viability and feasibility of the project. In order to raise a commercial offer that it can compete in a positive way, within the commercial context of the globalization of international markets, offering the following services:

1) Industrial plant dairy PROCESSES.
2) INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTION PROCESS PLANT soluble powder of dried fruit.
3) Industrial Land processing plant roasted coffee. PRESENTATION SOLUBLE
7) Business Plan
8) Sales and marketing plan is presented with its distribution centers and direct sales to consumers.

Thanks for giving us this opportunity to introduce our request. In order to obtain financing for the implementation of our project, which is a plant? And I hope to have consideration for the approval of our loan application.

Vicente Luis Nasta

Note: The project first presents the commissioning of the equipment and machinery is the top destination for investment, generating electricity. For the consumption of the plant the surplus electricity is applied to the homes of employees of all levels and workers. The main objective is to protect the environment. Excess power will be sold to the CFE with interpolation in the system. A recycling plant wastewater: In our opinion, the following plan, at present, does not apply or cover. No company. The project presents a completely different dimension than has hitherto been applied by many men who called themselves “entrepreneurs and businessmen.” Because with profits (MONEY) generated by the project will be carried out intensive massive reforestation with fruit trees in the mountains and valleys, industrial plant environment. With the legacy direct benefit of future generations and the present inhabitants of the communities surrounding the plant, and many more distant and remote places. These actions will be the ideal complement to the achievement of our success to achieve the reduction of environmental impact and reducing carbon dioxide emissions; that in parallel, implement a plan of action for people of I engage communities integrate, obtaining economic benefits, and education. By promoting civic education, economic, and material socially, with medical assistance, delivering medicine, for the benefit of current and future generations of people in the communities, with the generation of indirect labor, direct combat to eliminate extreme poverty.

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Contact Information

Vicente Nasta (
Postal Address : Street Abasolo # 19 Isa City ZIP 95647 State Veracruz
State : Veracruz
Post Code : 95640
Country : Mexico
Telephone : 522383823825
Mobile: 522381084991

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