Preferred Investment AmountRM50,000 or less
Preferred Investment OpportunityStart ups / tech companies / manufacturing / services
Will NOT Invest InNon-shariah compliant businesses / financial services
Preferred LocationDoesn’t Matter
Public ProfileStarted a shirt stint under Tune Group, but left the company to get better learning and development from a management consulting firm where I have spent the last five years.
We specialise in HR solutioning and I have focused particularly in HR analytics and workforce planning.
I have learned that there are market demands not being met, however the reason for that is not due to there not being people invested in bridging these gaps – the ideas are everywhere however funding has always been the primary issue.
i would like to do my part in enabling these initiatives for as long as they are aligned with my priorities and principles.
AddressBangsar, Kuala Lumpur
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4 years ago

Assalamualaikum & Hi Mr. A Kalimullah.

My name is Muhammad Iqbal Baqi,

Do you interested to invest in Mobile Application that focusing on F&B ( Food & Beverages ) lines?

You know, and I know there are dozens of mobile applications that allow you to order, and have the food delivered to your doorsteps at no time ( I believe ).

There are also many beautiful apps that showing you where are the location of the recommended food and which one are on viral.

But 1 thing I am sure of all above = ” The quality of food serves are not met ”

What I mean is, some people might just like the food they bought but some are not. And why they buy the food at the first place is mostly because of
the recommendation of other parties ( friends, colleagues etc. ). Or maybe they bought it too because of the trend nowadays, you know how the viral power can
trigger the buying power nowadays.

Since food is human needs, I see an opportunity to create a mobile application that not only could highlight a good quality product with real recommendation ( that would satisfy user and make user return to the apps and the seller ).

But also this apps will help to grow the F&B industry in terms of individual ( the one who know how to preserves quality food ), companies and country ( perhaps ).

Back to my question to you earlier,
Do you interested to further discuss this idea and invest in the project enforcement?

If yes then i would like to know what do you mean by your priorities & principles, and begin with the discussions on the terms & regulations.

For further discussion you may contact me at

018 – 3137 457
Facebook: Muhammad Iqbal Baqi

Website: eatlabro,com — > still under construction

Izwar Hakimi
4 years ago

Hi Mr/Mrs Investor,

We hold a 30 years concession contract with a town council in Selangor now operating in the 10th year. Our business is focused on but not limited to recreational activities.

We are seeking an investment of RM50k to enhance our current facilities.

We have also prepared a 1 year exit strategy.

Please give us call for further detail.

3 years ago


Have mature HR related B2B software product with more than 100 clients. Looking to increase market share and introduce additional products.
Looking for working partnership.