Preferred Investment Amount RM100,001 to RM250,000
Preferred Investment Opportunity I am looking for entrepreneurs with exciting and new ideas. If I believe the idea is sound and the team is committed, I am prepared to share a significant percentage of the business with the team.

I will look at all sectors and evaluate each proposal on its own merits.

Will NOT Invest In Traditional business ideas with no innovative elements.
Preferred Location Doesn’t Matter
Public Profile I am a banker with 20+ years work experience and multi jurisdictional exposure. I look forward to discussing ideas and also contributing ideas to enhance business proposals.
NAME Arshad Ismail
Address Bukit Damansara, Kuala Lumpur
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Azuan Omar
4 years ago

Salam Mr. Arshad Ismail,

Please provide me your email address or drop me an email at
I would like to propose my current business proposal for you to consider.

Thank you


Azuan Omar
4 years ago

En Arshad,

Can I get your contact? or can drop me an email at

4 years ago

contact us please for new it project , never done in Malaysia before

4 years ago

Good day sir.. Im looking for investor in my business where we buy a vessel, cut and sell it with good price. so, will gv the investor 20% profit from the amount he invest sir. Please do let me know if intrested. Yr kind rply is highly appreciated.

Contact number : 010 5666470

4 years ago

Dear Mr Arshad, my company is doing a first of its kind micro-suites SOVO units and we are looking for private investors. The ROI is 50 % over a two year period. I would love to propose the idea to you. I can be contacted at 0122663890. Would you mind to share your contact details. Thanks. Denise

Zulkifli bin Yahya
3 years ago

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Terima kasih.

3 years ago

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