Private Investor : LEE

Private Investor : LEE

Preferred Investment Amount RM250,001 to RM500,000
Preferred Investment Opportunity Any. As long have potential to grow and good team
Will NOT Invest In Owner with bad attitude and lack passion
Preferred Location Doesn’t Matter
Public Profile Accent BS started business since year 2005 and registered with CIDB. Our business nature is in C&S and M&E Construction.

While Accent BS sister company, I-Connexion is a property investment company since year 2009.

We’re keen on investing in innovations, lucrative and calculated viable based business.

We welcome any business plan/proposal for anyone with ideas. Whether it’s startups, businesses, J.V, Partnership, Franchise or M&A.

Organization Private Investors
Address Penang Island


Raymond Brian Posted on5:46 pm - 20/07/2017

Mr. Lee, please provide me your email address or drop me an email at as we need funder for our ongoing project.


Azril A Posted on6:21 pm - 22/07/2017

Mr. Lee,

Can i have your email address for me for forward my business idea to.

It’s basically a business plan worth millions.

Hope to hear from you.
My email:


WanR Posted on3:03 am - 24/07/2017

Mr Lee,i am looking for investor for expanding service business,funding either jv fund or private loan funding 40 months [about interest/Roi will be discussed and investor agreement through a registered lawyer.

Sarah Sukor Posted on11:54 pm - 24/07/2017

Dear Mr Lee

Hi let me introduce myself
My name is Sarah Sukor
I am a Malaysia currently residing in London
I have been working as a professional in London for the past 11 years

I have at the moment an idea for a Mobile App to be developed in London for global use
I have already discussed the idea with a well-known app developer in London called Hedgehog Lab
They have been named as one of the best in the UK

Hedgehog agreed that I have an interesting idea and is viable to be developed
They also have shown interest to collaborate and turn the app from idea into reality

Unfortunately, I myself does not have the funding required to build the app
I then came across your post on this website and had a look through that you offer investment
I am a Malaysian, just wondering if the location of the project is a matter of question as I do hope for this project to carry out in the UK; the reason will be it will be more recognised and as a step to be globally used

I am looking for funding for this idea to be developed, turn it into prototype and also into a functional and usable app
I do hope I can talk to you in more detail information if you can help in any matter

Please I can propose my idea soon since the app world is moving in such a fast pace and I would want my idea to get realised as soon as possible
Look forward to your reply as soonest

Thank you

Kind regards

Kelvin Posted on2:08 am - 29/07/2017

Dear Mr Lee,

We are local entrepreneur making a scene in the FnB industry. We are not afraid of challenges and constantly strive to break the limits.

Develop a passion in FnB industry and discover a potential brand franchise that could be brought back to Malaysia and expand it through out Malaysia and others region. Please do contact me for more details.

Sincerely hoping to heard from you soonest!

CK TAN Posted on10:15 pm - 10/04/2018

hI , Dear Mr Lee , I am CK , CEO of Foodway Delivery in Klang Valley. My team and i have run the business around 6 months, every month our sales and team members are increasing, We are currently looking for investors to expand rapidly in our business. We are attending few of equity crowd program to look for investors and We have some strategies that can be better than our competitors in market place. Look forward to hear from you and we might have an appointment to discuss further. I believe my team and I will not disappoint on you. Thanks

Best Regard

Gobinathan T Posted on6:08 pm - 23/05/2018

Dear Mr. Lee,

I am Gopi. I am an innovative marketer. I have created a ‘game platform’ (game board with game pieces) with 3 new world class startup businesses for you to venture! Either you can INVEST in my start up or YOU CAN LICENSE IT FROM ME for certain number of years. I have filed my creation for copyright already. I am studying and shortlisting probable investor/partner/ licensor for venturing into this within Malaysia and also worldwide.
This game board platform has minimum 3 applications/business.

1. RETAIL:- I have developed a very interesting physical gameboard where 2,3 or 4 family members/friends/children can play this game. (e,g Chess, Chinese Checkers, Checkers). The prototype is already developed. According to the players of my game and also according to players who represented Malaysia in overseas chess competitions, my game can replace the existing popularity of Chess!!!! Retail Business for production and sale is open for the investor / licensee to share your expertise and expand. I have created this for the world market including US, Germany, Japan, China, India and Russia and all other game playing nations. Also Asean market is growing. This new interesting game for RETAIL BUSINESS FOR DIFFERENT GEOGRAPHICAL REGIONS OF THE WORLD. School children and parents love to play with colorful game pieces of different shapes. Let us venture into the already boring game board segment by an interesting game as the one developed by me and improve the strategic thinking capability of both adults and children.

2. TOURNAMENTS:- Mr. Lee, I am sure you know that Chess is the ONLY board game in the world till now, which is conducted in tournament level. Country and World Chess Champions are selected year after year. Title Sponsors, Co Sponsors, sale of gadgets, registration fee for participants etc draw big amount for the organisers. No other games able to beat the domination enjoyed by Chess in the past 1000 over years because it is superb! But NOW MY GAME ALSO CAPABLE TO BE CONDUCTED ON TOURNAMENT LEVEL just because it should be classified as ‘Abstract Strategy War Game’ where dice, card, luck and chances are not involved. Probably invention of the century/millennium!

3. TV REALITY QUIZ GAME SHOW concept:- I am sure you also know that in the Quiz world of TV entertainment some of the most popular long lasting money minting game shows are Wheel of Fortune, Deal or No Deal, Who Wants to be a Millionaire (KBC Show of Amitabh Bachchan ), Money Drop and US’s Jeopardy Quiz show etc. These shows are mostly telecasted over prime time. I HAVE CREATED A QUIZ REALITY GAME SHOW which can be played in the same game platform. In an auditorium environment when a popular host, great prizes for winners, colourful display, objective questions and right wrong answers, plus minus points plus the game piece movements of a large game table where 4 contestants compete etc join together per episode, this has a very high chance of telecasting a Reality Quiz Game Show in all the countries in the world. Concept already developed. Some of the popular Reality Shows such as American Idol and Apprentice etc are paying half million as licensing fee for each episodes. My Reality Quiz Game Show concept can run for a season of 3 months or 1 whole year. Some negotiations have already started with TV firms and production companies, yet to be finalized.
The platforms and shows and games have other applications also like Quiz publishing, game apps etc etc that can be implemented at later stages. Each of the numbered business possibilities that I mentioned above you can select the country or the type of business you want or you can take the whole world market! Let us entertain the world through genuine game boards and also improve the general knowledge & current affairs levels of different countries through the Reality Quiz Game Show Concept. If you are interested to know about the game and businesses and also want to reap great profits through some risk investments please call me. 6014-9358842 or email

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely
Gobinathan T.