Private Investor : Samiur

Private Investor : Samiur

Preferred Investment AmountRM 100k
Preferred Investment OpportunityAny business that is fully ISLAMICALLY compliant
Will NOT Invest InHaram/doubtful business/services
Preferred LocationDoesn’t matter
Public ProfileMore than 18 years of entrepreneurial experience.
AddressKuala Lumpur


Mukesh Maran Posted on8:19 pm - 15/03/2019

Hi Mr.Samiur. I am Mukesh. Raising RM300,000 to start an eSports company . I am experienced in setting up cyber cafes and would like to use the skill of my to indulge into esports . Here is the business plan :

Have a look . You can contact me at +60163729836

Thank you.

Amsyarie Yusof Posted on4:41 pm - 16/03/2019

Hi..Assalam Mr Samiur.. I’m from ipoh looking for a starting fund to fund my Trolley With Weighing Scale (Ip registered) commercialization project. It’s a smart multi-function trolley to be fixed with a domestic LPG cylinder (16/14kg). Technically it’s designed to cover the nature flaws of domestic LPG consumerism such as inexpected runout, heavy lifting or even the most unaware fraud syndicated of LPG content..

If you need any further information about the product or the project, please feel free email me.

Sharifah Johanna Hussein. Posted on7:29 am - 20/03/2019

Hi Samuir,

I am a shariah compliant start-up for lucury services provider and apparel. The company will be based in London and Malaysia.
The apparel brand is modest sportswear and has the opportunity to launch at an event that will have a global audience.
I am happy to discuss the opportunities with you further.

Nik Posted on6:15 pm - 28/04/2019

Hi mr Samiur,

This is my proposal details :

We are pioneer in malaysia c2c payment service.

Seeking funding for full platform fevelopment and commercialization.


Sherine Posted on11:32 pm - 15/03/2020

Assalamualaikum Mr Samiur. I’m looking for a funder to set up a small international school in Kuala Lumpur. This school will integrate Islamic programme in the Cambridge curriculum.
I have run an international school for 5 years in Johor Bahru.
With 15 years of teaching experience in Singapore schools (ministry of education) and excellent track records.
Will share more with you if you are keen.
Education has always been my passion. I would like to contribute more to the education industry in Malaysia.

Thank you.
Sharifah Noor Al-Yahya