Product Development & Commercialisation Fund (PCF) is aimed at assisting local MSC companies to accelerate the development and commercialisation of innovative, market driven product/solutions/services as well as increasing the creation of Intellectual Property for commercialisation.

About PCF

Funding based on competitive bidding on targeted technology CALL areas – funds the best set of projects from a larger pool of bids Is a performance-based fund, i.e. applicants spell out realistic and achievable technical and commercial targets. Disbursements of PCF are based on reimbursement basis upon meeting the said technical and commercial targets.

Supports market-driven, innovative product development with high commercial potential – applicants are encouraged to gather and address market demand as well as identify pilot implementation(s). Supports end-to-end funding as it covers product development and commercialization costs.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Definition: Internet of Things (IoT) is a superset of uniquely identifiable objects that is able to communicate and interact with its environment without human intervention.
IoT is seamlessly connected to each other through the information network and are embedded in everyday objects; such as consumer electronic devices, home appliances and cars.

Big Data

The technology to analyse data that is high in volume, velocity and varied. In a fast and cost effective way to help businesses to make data-driven decisions to reduce risks, operate efficiently and gain a competitive advantage.

Programme Criteria


The applicant:
– Is a company incorporated in Malaysia; and
– Is not the subject of a winding up order; and
– Has a paid up capital of at least RM100,000; and
– More than 50% of the legal and beneficial ownership of the applicant is vested in Malaysian(s); (includes direct and indirect ownership) and
– Companies who have received other Government grants are eligible to apply but not for the same product development and commercialisation project or activities which have been or are to be funded.
– Previous grant recipient’s projects must be completed successfully in order to be eligible to apply for PCF.
– The applicant must be an MSC Malaysia Status Company and comply with all conditions thereunder, including:

– Meet the location requirements as specified in the MSC Malaysia Status Conditions of Grant; and
– Have completed and responded to surveys conducted by MDeC including the AQIR and/or SCORE+, whichever is required and applicable; and
– Work on the project which is the subject of the Grant application (“Proposed Project”) has not started.

Funding Details

Up to 50% of the approved total project cost or RM750K (70% for product development cost & 30% for commercialisation cost) whichever is lower
Each project is funded for up to 2 years only. (1 Year for Product Development and 1 Year for Commercialisation).

PCF Outcomes

Mandatory creation of at least 1 Intellectual Property
Achieved project commercialization within 1 year after project Completion

Application Fee

A non refundable processing fee of RM3,000 is payable upon submission of the final application documents

PCF Implementation Phases

Awareness phase – awareness on the CALL area
CALL for PCF applications phase
Due diligence phase
Post approval phase

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