Current StatusConcept / Business Plan
Amount InvestedRM 50,000
Funding RequiredRM600,001 to RM1,000,000
DescriptionThe idea of Belletto (make up marketplace) is allowing malaysia make up artist to get more exposure and job opportunity through this platform , make up artist will first be interviewed only allow to be listed into the platform. Make up artist required to submit their latest job to be uploaded in order for end user to view. End users then select make up artist that they wish to engage either for their wedding make up , dinner etc. All payments will have to go through payment gateway , and Belletto will take a certain percentage from the transaction. Other than that, Belletto also will have another session of make up courses where Belletto will engage with one of Malaysia popular make up artist. All courses will be conducted through live video and attendance will be rewarded a cert by end of the course. Nonetheless , this platform also will be selling various type of make up and personal care products.
Business OpportunityWe extract the statistic from, the personal care segment is expected to reach USD 351 M for 2019 and expected an annual growth of 12.9% and by 2023 will be USD 570M. Total consumers for 2019 will be 7.2M and by 2023 expected to reach up to 8.8M. All these user would be the potential users to subscribe all this make up service through Belletto and make their personal care products at the same time. Our indirect competitors in the market would be those martketplaces like lazada, 11street and shopee and also those makeup company that provides make up services but with limited artist and with high price.
Revenue / Business ModelBelletto business model would base on subscription fees on accessing to latest make up trends(both members and artist) , marketing , makeup courses , comm base for each makeup artist hired or products purchased etc.
Management Teamwe have a team of 5 programmers to kick start this marketplace, and we have a group of makeup artist that we have engage and last but not least a digital marketing agency to market our marketplace
Company Backgroundour company name is Bobbi Bobbi Resources , started business since December 2017. Core business is to sell app template and custom made mobile app. we have not raise any fund so far under Bobbi Bobbi Resources.
Funding MilestoneThe first phase of fund raising would mainly use for marketplace development and also for digital marketing. estimate cost of development of market place would be RM 350,000 in 6 months time. and balance RM 650,000 will be allocated for digital marketing before it’s launch. before it launch will raise another phase of funding for 2nd phase .
% Equity Allocation50% for total RM 1M funding .
Exit StrategiesOur future enhancement expected to fall on the 5th years where we will bring in AR and VR. once completed the AR and VR we will be selling off the marketplace in 10 years time.
Company NameBobbi Bobbi Resources
Business Address35A, Jalan Melati 18 . Taman Sri Melati , 68100 Batu Caves. Selangor
Contact Personpatrick liow