Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested not yet
Funding Required RM300,001 to RM600,000
Description This innovation relates to blending in the real life cognitive engineering process into this game system where the players have to apply their higher order thinking skills, HOTS to solve the pre-customized questions based on the given content/syllabus.
Reality gamified game learning system is human-centered with unique design and development linked to human factors. This learning game system is blending with the cognitive engineering process. The application of this knowledge can bring human thinking skills to new milestones. This game system implements practices and principles to optimize how people perform to improve and match the standards of overall organizational performance by sharing knowledge among players, nurturing the filtered players’ knowledge, and encouraging innovative knowledge creation. In the process of playing this game system, problems in accumulating and maintaining knowledge during the learning process will be dealt with. The accumulated archived documents (stated in all for different card) can be standardized to be reused and referred to by others. Focusing on these is expected to motivate and to avoid overloading players’ cognitive capacity when assimilating information throughout their learning process.
Business Opportunity Starts from Malaysia (from one state to another), gradually aimed to spread internationally . Example , we have 8000 primary schools in Malaysia.
Next is the Secondary schools , follows by colleges and Universities.
We also targeting the private companies for their staff training and developments activities.Targeted markets :
1.Professional science and technical services (training and development)
2. Educational services ( primary, secondary, colleges, university , tuition centres, home schooling etc)
Revenue / Business Model 1.basic service is free
– basic product for trial2. yearly subscriptions- (premium plan)
– provide on-site trainings, data bank etc.
Management Team Dr.Sylvia Chin
Dr. Chin’s professional objectives are to build a lifelong teaching and learning methods and techniques that can allow different students with different avenues to learn effectively and to increase their Higher Order Thinking Skills.Mr. Ching Yik Fong
Mr.Ching is a professional with more than 10 years experience in the area of attention and service to the customer, sales, and marketing, working with the productivity objectives and targets aimed at the achievements of the company’s short and long-term.
Company Background This product is still at the very early stage.
Funding Milestone We need RM500,000 to kick start this project.
We need the fundings for products manufacturing and distributions plus hire trainers.
% Equity Allocation Malaysia
Expected ROI N/A
Risks and Mitigation 1. Type of risk:
Insufficient fundingRange: HighMitigation
Seeking investors to fill the funding gap.2.Type of risk:
To recruit and retain the right marketing staff and trainers.

Range :Medium

Mitigation :
Extensive internal training will be provided them. This is to ensure they can meet the monthly /yearly targets.

3. Type of risk:

Range :Medium

Mitigation :
This game is one of its kinds which blended real world scenarios with their school syllabus or company training objectives. Suitable for everyone (from young children (age 5 and above))

Exit Strategies by second year.