Project Title River sand mining
Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested RM100,000.00
Funding Required RM600,001 to RM1,000,000
Description Why i choosed RIVER SAND mining project? 1st: Long term business
2nd:Low costing with high profit within 1 mon
3rd:pahang only two legal hudge sand mining licenses approved. Iam Holding one legal license of the two. The license duedate is 5 years later.
Business Opportunity Now day’s india development is improve, they need a hudge amount of River sand, but their state government is control their country River Sand Mining because of some issue of complaint by citizens. So they keep import Sand from
Malaysia. But the mining operator legal willing to export not more than 5. And iam the only one. And they need minimum 500 metric tons a month. Our net profit around Rm5 to Rm8 a ton.
Revenue / Business Model AP Export with k2 is Approved by government with PM signicture .Mining Permit also Approved by state government . But , AP owner is not me..MiNing Permit Holder also is not me. Because The one who closed to PM is My friend Which is now the AP holder . The MINING Permit owner also is the one who closed with our pahang MB. But both of them
Is closed to me. So iam the operator. Before that i need fund to deposit with agreement for stick the ML and The AP. After stamping lawyer means iam
The new ML And AP owner. I only qualify to go and deal with buyer for get purchased older . And the most important point is. Buyer will pay 50% cash of quantity 500k ton . Before this i need fund Rm500,000.00 to stick Ap and ML to my company only call
A genuine contractor.
Management Team I got a strong team workup. State tengku and state government offcial is my team backup.
Company Background Franky speaking past few year i invole iron ore mining, gold mining and also bauxite ore and silica sand. All is illegal and the gold mine i lost lot of now i workup a strong team to run this legal business which i can report income tax..or gst…bank can save money.
Funding Milestone RM200k for stick agreement AP. Rm200k for stick agrement Mining permit. and another Rm100k to RM200k to start work and cash standby. All documentation ia on my hand. Have to hurry up start worm b4 this coming raining day at pahang.
% Equity Allocation Win-win situation.
Expected ROI Depend on investor how long investor how to earn these money with me. Iam a easy discussion human
Risks and Mitigation Every business got risk. But i can promise investors wont lose money even the most morse case coming.
Exit Strategies If earn money, investor no point to exit, and i wont please investor to exit.
Company Name Lim&son mining Lim&son’s resources sdn bhd
Business Address A-49 jalan seri setali 2 jalan air putih semambu,25300 kuantan pahang
Contact Person Lim su long