Current StatusConcept / Business Plan
Amount InvestedRM 1000
Funding RequiredRM 500000
DescriptionI already registered my business and i want to expand it further to penetrate the U.S Markets. My business is focus mainly on music and entertainment industry. I’m 20 years old and just graduated from college. The idea of my business it to produce a high quality music that are based on every marketing segmentation including geopolitical and demographic. A studio will be need to produce a high quality.
Business OpportunityI saw a big opportunity in the music industry. The data that i collected from digital music streaming service shows that the streamers are increasing every month. The entertainment market is big because the demand in the market are increasing every year. People need music in their life so i will produce a musics that suits them best. I will also produce
Revenue / Business ModelThe revenue that will be collected is through streaming royalties. Every songs that are plays by streamers, i will get a royalties. Second is through ‘ Multiple Rights Deal’ or 360 Deals’ which give the company 25% cut from the artist for every revenue that they made including digital sales, endorsement sales, tours,concerts and live performance revenue and appearance in movies or television shows. Everything will be cut 25% for the company. Major labels can make joint ventures with my company which million dollars could happened in short-term.
Management TeamMy planned management is the Chief Executive Officer position will be held by the founder which is me. Below the CEO there will be 2 more executive officers positions which is CFO and COO positions. CFO portfolio will be held by the founder to handle all the company financial. COO positions will be held by professional management where the COO will overlook all the management including marketing, Public Relations, and artists career. Under the executives positions, there will be 4 departments which is Financial Department, Human Resource Department, Entertainment Department and Marketing Department which will work for the company.
Company BackgroundThe date i founded my company is May 6th 2019. I planned the company back in 2017 where i took everything in detail including how the management will be, how we going to operate the company for long-term business. All sales and profit for the company will gain from artists 25% revenue cut by using the ‘360 deals’. Tropical Entertainment will make a merchandise for the artists fans.
Funding MilestoneThe amount of funding that i requires is RM 500,000.00. RM 150,000.00 will be used to purchase furnitures and equipmenst that will be use to produce music. RM 70,000.00 will be use for studio renovation and RM 80,000.00 will be use to purchase equipments and furnitures for the studio such as a high-end computers, Microphone, Studio Monitor, audio interface, furnitures and musical instruments. RM 200,000.00 will be use to purchase company vehicles to be declare under fixed assets including equipments. The balance of RM of 150,000.00 will be use for current assets and working capital. I will reduce every costs including variable costs and fixed costs and maximize profits.
% Equity Allocation10
Expected ROI15%
Risks and MitigationTropical Entertainment will use organizational flexibility where it will mitigate risks which defer some decisions until more data are obtained in order to make better decisions. I will restructure every projects that will impact early decisions. Staging the such that it is reviewed for go or no-go decisions at identifiable, discrete points. These decision points should be built into the front-end plan. Based on updated information available at these future times, the project may be modified, continued, or terminated.
Exit StrategiesThe best way for the investor to make and exit in the investment is by Strategic Acquisition and Management Buyouts(MBO).
Company NameTropical Entertainment Enterprise
Business AddressNo.24 Jalan Akuatik 13/67C D’Kayangan 40100 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan
Contact PersonMuazzam Aqmal bin Yusopp