Current Status Revenue Generating, Pre-Profit
Amount Invested RM 8 million
Funding Required RM4,000,001 to RM5,000,000
Description OEI is a well designed direct selling company with full infrastructure, detailed plans , experienced team, premium & high quality products, and profitable business opportunity plan with existing distribution network which just needs expansion capital to ramp up the business and shine in the market. Founders of the company started their success journey 12 years ago in direct selling and skin care industry and they made multi-million dollars companies and brands along the way since 2008.
Business Opportunity CURRENT RESOURCES & STATUS:
1-Direct selling license granted by KPDNKK in January 2018.
2-Member of Direct Selling Association of Malaysia, DSAM.
3-Premium brand in skincare –ROYAL ESENCE- patented stem cell based products from USA and also well crafted wellness brand – ROYAL VALENS- with high quality products from Japan and local suppliers (RM 2 million worth of product inventory).
4-Products have KKM approval, GMP, MeSTI certificate, & so on. Most of products will receive halal certificate by end of 2018.
5-International class online MLM operation system along with high-tech mobile app for members.
6-Wholesome training system, solid reward & recognition plan along with a solid & long term entrepreneurship plan.
7-International level marketing collaterals, strong scientific support for products & solid testimonies.
8-Experienced and highly qualified team.
9-The latest & most lucrative binary compensation plan in the market.
10-Clear 3 years business expansion plan.
11-Strategic partnership agreement and MOU with: KLFA, KOPENAS, TUG OF WAR Association, Single Mother association, NGOs, influencers and so on.
12-Private owned Building & infrastructure.
13-Existing OEI network members.We offer value not only to customers abut also to our distributors. We share business opportunity with entrepreneurs who are seeking to make fortune and success in less than 5 years. Due to double sided nature of business, our business in both economic situation of recession and expansion will do well.
Our well-crafted high quality and premium products are all registered and approved by the ministry of health and other recognition bodies of Malaysia and other related countries. Most of our products are supported scientifically with 16 global patents and also were endorsed by the end users, magazines and reviewers. We channel our values to our customers in the fields of beauty, skin care, personal care and wellness. These high quality products effectively capture the attention of customers even in the retail market.
In business opportunity side, we are supporting our distributors with wholesome training system, marketing and operational tools, skills and motivation to guarantee their success which ultimately reflects in our success and significance.
This business and industry is profitable and fast growing among all industries in the market. Just looking at the statistics and examples will proves what is mentioned.
Revenue / Business Model Our main business model in Malaysia is direct selling. we are generating revenue through selling our products to network members as well as end user customers as our products are genuinely high quality and sought after in the retail market.
We are embarking on the e-commerce platforms to enter into China retail market as well which would not contradict with our business model in Malaysia since it will be different market with different regulations, approach and license.
We will build new revenue stream in the future through building big data and intelligent customer database since our business is people based and every member of network and our end users will have wide range of needs and wants which must be fulfilled.
Management Team xxxx
Company Background founding members of Ortus Expert International has a track record of founding OEW GROUP as an award-winning company established primarily in Malaysia & Singapore (OEW Group Pte Ltd) in decade ago. ORTUS EXERT INTERNATIONAL is an innovative & emerging company which was founded in 2017 by few award winning entrepreneurs who have made a successful business track record since 2008 through founding and running multi-million companies like OEW GROUP Ltd Pte. Their main success have been made in direct selling industry, skincare & cosmetics, personal care, wellness and retail industry as well.
It’s been for a while that we are spreading our wings to the countries in ASEAN market and also venturing to other markets across the world. We are highly committed to always keep up with the high standards of the products quality and customer satisfaction, and therefore, we put very sophisticated level of product formulation, premium ingredients, slick design and packaging and business integrity all together in order to go beyond our customers expectation and heighten their health, beauty and safety.
Funding Milestone xxxxx
% Equity Allocation 10-50%
Expected ROI 10-20% in case without equity allocation
Risks and Mitigation SWOT Analysis:
– Having AJL license,
– Member of DSAM
– Having wide range of products as a new MLM company
– High quality & effective products: (USA, Japan & local made) & patented & Organic based supplements with premium ingredients and slick packaging
– Sufficient inventory
– New and attractive Binary compensation plan
– Entrepreneurship plan
– Market image (OEW track record)
– Digital Marketing team
– Sufficient expert staff
– Strong MLM software
– Compelling & attractive marketing materials
– Partnership with KOPENAS, KLFA and other market playersWeakness:
– Unknown to the market
– Small network
– Lacking strong leaders
– Cash flow
– Bitcoin & crypto currency
– International Competitors
– Emergence of new attractive compensation plans
– low-price products
– Customer choice
– Economy downtime & lower employment chances
– Entrepreneurship spirit increasing
– Potentials of people-based business (good customer base, wide market to sell other products & services)
– International market expansion possibility
– Establish spin off business (e-commerce, training, insurance, etc) & new revenue stream
– Emergence of new generation of digital savvy Networkers
Exit Strategies xxxx
Business Address No 13, Jalan Nilam 2, Taman Perindustrian Teknologi Tinggi Subang, 47500, Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
Contact Person GURDEV SINGH