Current StatusGrowth
Amount InvestedRM2500
Funding RequiredRM1000000
DescriptionWe build a one-stop solution for travel industry, where you can book accommodation, transport and day trip. Imagine when you go backpack you can plan and book everything that you need in a place. We will have a digital map for traveller to plan, it will be a map for their dream travel, they can start budgeting and save for their trip in advance. We are currently in phase one, expanding our accommodations cover area.
Business OpportunityTourism market size in Malaysia is around 86billion ringgit. 
Currently, there are no solutions for booking the entire travel trip in a place i.e, accommodation, transports, day trips and experiences.
Travel the entire world is unaffordable, we are trying to change this by building an affordable one-stop solution travel operators to fulfill people dream of travel the entire world in their life-time.
Revenue / Business ModelService charges from the management of the accommodations, interior design fees of the accommodation, transport fees, day trip fees and technology subscription.
Management TeamCurrently our company have a total of 11 employees age between 20-35.
Company BackgroundStarted with no capital, as we have a positive cash flow business model.
Business started running at 1/9/17 as sole proprietor, incorporate as Sdn Bhd on 1/7/18.
Currently has a monthly sales of around RM400k, target to achieve a revenue of 4million this year.
With the funding, we expect that we can increase the revenue 10-20 times faster in 1-2 years.
Funding MilestoneWith the RM1million funding, we expect that we can increase the revenue 10-20 times faster in 1-2 years to RM40-50million
% Equity Allocation5
Expected ROI6-12 months
Risks and MitigationOperation failure and quality management failure
Exit StrategiesIPO by 2027, will consider any buyout in the process
Business Address29-2, Jalan Molek 3/20
Contact PersonWong Chee Fatt