Current Status Pre-Revenue
Amount Invested RM800,000
Funding Required RM2,000,001 to RM3,000,000
Description A team of society-concerned people who are seeking to start up a Developer & Construction Company to develop affordable and low cost house in Penang and other states in Malaysia.
Business Opportunity Penang has a vast market for property development. There’s a substantial amount of high rise buildings catered for medium to high income Penangites but very minimal affordable houses for low-average income where the demand is high. Due to this high demands, one of the advantages we get is ready-buyers are easily obtained through applications that has been submitted to the Penang State Government. These type of projects have certain subsidiaries and support from the government and SPNB too. We will branch out if the demands are higher in other states.
Revenue / Business Model We will be adopting a concept similar to BTO (Built-To-Order) that is currently being practiced in Singapore. More details may be shared personally only with interested investors.
Management Team Our team is made of up of a group of people with extensive knowledge and/or experience is Real Estate, Constructions, C&B Engineering and IT.
Company Background To setup a developer company in Malaysia, a paid up capital of RM 2 million is required. Team is ready, listing of lands are ready, only funds are lacking.
Funding Milestone RM2million requirement as paid up capital and upon creating a current bank account to enable more funding from overseas. We have a group of international investors that are investing for the housing projects itself, thus the reason for not allocating equity-based returns. Time is essence for now therefore requiring to get local investors is priority.

ROI Offered: 20% returns yearly/ max 2.5 years time frame
– Local Investors may be entitled for discounts if they are eligible to purchase a unit
– Non-local investors may be entitled for Work Permit / Permanent Resident status

% Equity Allocation 0%
Expected ROI 20%
Risks and Mitigation 15% Nature Risk. Natural disasters may further delay projects time frame.
Exit Strategies Because we do not offer equity upon investing, we have minimized risk for investors since we are just dealing with money. As mentioned, the time frame will be 2.5 years max (negotiable) but if all else fails, worry not as we do have assets, we have insurance coverage and we are also dealing with short term investment projects.
Company Name xxxx Group
Business Address 13-F, Jalan Bukit Dumbar, Jelutong, 11600 Penang
Contact Person Nadzran Baba