Current Status Revenue Generating, Pre-Profit
Amount Invested  –
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description We are energy saving company certified(ESCO) by the energy commission Malaysia. We provide energy audit services and energy efficiency project to facility in Malaysia. With few patented energy saving product, we guarantee minimum 10% saving on the electricity bills. Currently we are exploring opportunity to Indonesia.
Business Opportunity With few customer in Malaysia like Hotel and petrol station, we provide energy audit and energy saving solution to our customer. Electricity consume are high with the current pull back of government subsidy. Average monthly consumption on current base customer are about 300k per month.
We are planning to expand our team to generate more income.
Revenue / Business Model We profit sharing with customer on the monthly saving.
300,000 with 10% saving will be 30,000 a month. With 50%/50% sharing with customer.
Company will get monthly RM15,000 per month.
Management Team Wong Kang Woon (Managing Director) marketing & operational
Wong Kang Jen (operation manager)
Carry out energy saving solution
Jaya(energy Manager)
To carry out audit
Jezamine Lim(CFO)
Company Background Started year year 2016. Exploring market in Malaysia but unfortunately the energy saving awareness in Malaysia was low, we had spend alot time in promoting and explaining to our customer. Beside that we are giving free trial to proof the energy saving. That time consuming. Per project need about 6 month to finish a circle. Investment made till July 2018 are about RM1.5 million.
Funding Milestone We need funding about RM 300,000 to purchase more equipment in conducting energy saving audit. Beside that we are negotiating on additional energy saving product for better energy saving
% Equity Allocation 25%
Expected ROI 18month
Risks and Mitigation 1)Time consuming as energy audit take time with limited audit equipment.
2)awareness of energy saving in Malaysia are not so high that requires more time to proof to customer.
Exit Strategies When investor return of investment achieved in 18 month.
Company Name xxx SDN BHD
Business Address Kepong, Kuala Lumpur
Contact Person Wong Kang Woon