Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested RM0
Funding Required RM5,000,000 or more
Description “The Pet Sanctuary” A unique Scandinavian fresh ambience concept of retail, grooming and 5 Star Pet Hotel specially catered to the elite neighborhood of Horizon Hills. Horizon Hills came out top in the Iskandar Malaysia Accolade for being the most livable residence, assuring quality living that encapsulates the essence of a perfect neighborhood, and with the extension over the next 5 years, the growth potential is a plus.

Horizon Avenue is a newly developed Commercial Centre a few minutes’ drive away from the Horizon Hills neighbourhood. In fact, there are still future developments surrounding the commercial centre.

The concept of “The Pet Sanctuary” shall focus on the holistic ambience where customers shall experience great differences compared to other pet services available in in other vicinity areas. With the IKEA store now opened in Johor Bahru, most people love going to IKEA mainly because of the simple yet refreshing environment. IKEA Scandinavian style is simple yet classy. The Scandinavian concept does not look too cheap and too expensive for anyone and everyone to be comfortable spending time with such environment.
“The Pet Sanctuary” shall provide mainly 3 services:
• Retail Shop supplying monthly cat, dog, rabbit and hamster’s food supply and accessories.
• Designer grooming stylist for cats and dogs
• 5 Star pet hotel for Cats and all sizes of dogs

Our goal is to have a very pleasant shopping experience when buying pet food and accessories that will entice customers to spend more time enjoying their retail therapy. For animal lovers like myself, a great retail set up is a place of therapy especially when we find unique accessories or pet furniture. When a retail store is so comfortable, there is always a reason to buy something. Just like IKEA. People may not always buy furniture at their show room but when it comes to small items sold separately with great marketing strategies, there is always something to spend before checking out of the store.

Horizon Avenue Commercial Centre is very accessible to other Iskandar developments nearby such as the Medini, Eco Botanics, Bukit Indah and Nusajaya. Even though within 1km drive, Bukit Indah neighbourhood have 2 pet shops, we are different because we will create fabulous ambience that will make the customer come back again and again. In our organization, there must be an excitement coming to our shop because of the enjoyable and holistic shopping and grooming experiences.
We shall be different because prior to being operational, staffs will be trained, and practice role plays of having the habit of super customer service. We focus on the unforgettable experiences the moment our customers step into our sanctuary and the focus is to always have repeat customers.
The total Investment Proposed is USD 5, 000, 000. Return of Investment targeted within 5-8 years of operations. In the event of higher than expected business, the return of Investment can be earlier.

Business Opportunity We would like to offer an additional 20% of the Investment amount of USD 5,000, 000 granted as a token of appreciation and private equity. The additional amount is USD 1, 000, 000. Thus, the overall Return of Investment and perks to be given back will be USD 6, 000, 000. Should the return of investment and perks be achievable earlier than 10 years, Investor(s) shall be updated and well informed.
Revenue / Business Model Projected Financial Data of Revenue

Business Year 1 – 2018 Net Profit after 19% Tax in Malaysia: $259,406.16
Business Year 2 – 2019 Net Profit after 19% Tax in Malaysia: $1,076,791.06
Business Year 3 – 2020 Net Profit after 19% Tax in Malaysia: $1,256,938.34
Business Year 4 – 2021 Net Profit after 19% Tax in Malaysia:$1,467,023.89
Business Year 5 – 2022 Net Profit after 19% Tax in Malaysia: $1,757,274.11
Total Estimated Profit within 5 Years: $5,817,433.56

Financial Management

The way a company manage its finances can be the difference between success and failure. Having a good and consistent working capital is crucial for survival of the business. Approximately USD 2, 000, 000 shall be reserved as the working capital for the operational cost over a period of 5 years in Business.

Start-Up/Acquisition Summary
An estimation of USD 3,000,000 shall be reserved for Start-up cost of all necessary executions from the Business Registration, VISAs, to the whole renovations, fixtures and fittings needed. Start-up needs shall include any one-time only purchases, such as major equipment or supplies, down-payments, or deposits, as well as legal and professional fees, licenses/permits, renovation/design/decoration of our location, personnel costs prior to opening; advertising or promotions.

Management Team The Team

• 1 Chief Executive Officer (CEO – Office)
• 1 Retail Manager (Retail Shop)
• 1 Marketing Manager (Office)
• 1 Accounts Executive (Office)
• 1 Human Resource Manager (Office)
• Total: 5 members
• 1 Administration Assistant (Office)
• 2 Retail Shop & Cashier Staffs (Retail Shop)
• 2 Dog and 2 Cats Groomers (Grooming Salon)
• 6 Caregivers (Pet Hotel)
• Total: 11 members
• Overall: 16 Personnel for service operations

Company Background This will be a brand new business with a brand new fresh concept no one have ever done in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, which is much needed by the international expats neighborhood, where the location of the business will be. The locals will also enjoy the holistic environment we will create.

The business is a Corporation (Sdn. Bhd). There will be no Malaysian local business partners to expedite paperwork and finance execution. The name of the company to be registered shall be “Sufyan Adli Supiani Sdn. Bhd. Upon success of getting investors to fund a sum of RM million in total for a start-up and where the money is safely received on 15 April 2018 to execute pre-requisite Setting up Business Registrations in Malaysia for foreigners, VISAs, renovations and reservations of business location costing which take forever without funds. We hope to be operationally ready by July/August 2018 upon completion of renovations, staffing processes and very important trainings to staffs about great Customer Service and knowledge of pet food to recommend customers. Knowledge about pet food is crucial and very important.

The official foreigner Directors are Mr. Sufyan Adli Supiani (Chief Executive Officer) from Singapore and Mr. Mohd. Juani Ihsan Holdegaard (Chief Operational Officer) from Denmark.

Funding Milestone Total funds required: USD 5, 000, 000

Purchase of Business Property as Company Asset: $1, 550, 126
Pet Sanctuary Fixtures for 3 Levels: $324, 972
Renovations for 3 Levels:$855, 799
Business Registrations and Visas: $269, 103
Start-up Capital Total: $3, 000, 000
Working Capital Total: $2, 000, 000
Grand Total of Investment Funds needed before 15 April 2018 to be
Operational ready for Grand Opening in August 2018: $5, 000, 000

% Equity Allocation 20
Expected ROI 5 to 8 Years
Risks and Mitigation In any business, there are risks. Life itself is a massive risk to take.

We strongly believe that great marketing and super customer service creating repeat customers to enjoy walking in our retail store, wonderful ambiance while waiting for their pet kids to be groomed and 5 Star Pet Hotel to always be assured their pet kids are well taken care of, shall be the key to success.

Our target market mainly is for pet parents and pet lovers. In terms of locations, they are primarily residents from Horizon Hills, Medini, Iskandar Puteri developments, Eco Botanics, Bukit Indah and Nusajaya areas. With time and as more people get to know us based on our marketing plans, people all over Johor who are aware of our product and services will cover the whole of Johor Bahru areas because personally, as a passionate pet parent myself, I would travel because of service comfort and assurance. To the people of Johor, driving to any locations to get what they need, and necessities is very near. For myself, after living in Johor for 5 years and familiarizing places and blending with the way of life of people in Johor, everywhere is indeed near.
All staffs shall be trained to build a great relationship with their customers and keep them as regulars and consistent returning customers. To make the awareness and existence of our services, budget for initial marketing cost is crucial and have been reserved accordingly. The management team with different areas of expertise will consistently work with the CEO to grow the business.
In Malaysia, it is a common practice where there are advertising magazines distributed to shophouses. People keep these magazines as referrals to get what they need. A prominent Signages are also crucial to allow customers identify the location easily. When people look at shophouses, first thing they look is the Signage and the type of services available. Any outstanding and new signages entice people to enter to check it out. The people of Johor spending culture are mostly based on shophouses because almost everyone drives and have a car and it is not expensive to own a car.

Exit Strategies The exit opportunity for investor is within 5 to 8 years, whichever is earlier. In any case it is achievable even before 5 years, we shall update investor of the wonderful news and information.

Note that the company name is only applicable when it is possible that we are funded to be registered. Meanwhile, hopefully it will be “Sufyan Adli Supiani Sdn Bhd.” The business address is also the address proposed. We hope to reserve it as soon as possible before taken by someone else.

Company Name The Pet Sanctuary – Sufyan Adli Supiani Sdn. Bhd.
Business Address Horizon Avenue, Commercial Centre, No. 1, Jalan Perdana 5, 79100, Iskandar Puteri, Johor, Malaysia
Contact Person Sufyan Adli Supiani