Current StatusConcept / Business Plan
Amount InvestedRM 130
Funding RequiredRM 50,000
DescriptionTo supply spray and sowing service to organizational or private agricultural operators using multi-functional drone.
Business OpportunityManpower is not economic for Malaysia’s agricultural land. In 2018, according to Department of Agriculture Malaysia, 119, 000 hectares of agricultural land is not in operated. According to a government organization, this drone service is potential for their 100,000 hectares operation. The Director of Mechanical & Electronical department requested for a demonstration of the drone prior business deal.
Revenue / Business ModelRevenue for spray service is RM70 per Hectare and the Revenue for sowing service is RM50 per Hectare.
According to the agricultural schedule and drone specification, a drone can supply spray service at least 2160 hectares per year and sowing service at least 720 hectares per year. Maintenance & Operation cost are RM50 per hectare for spray service and RM39 per hectare for sowing service.
Management TeamIzzul Asyraf – Received Certification by Alison, Ireland in Introduction to Drone (Build drone, simulation and pilot) 
More than 2 years Sales & Technical Engineer for products & services as listed below:
Phonon Diagnostics Technology: Serviced LG Chemical & Hyundai Oilbank 
LED Lightings: Supplied to Terengganu & KL market
Solar Power Generator: Supplied and Serviced in KL user
Atmospheric Water Generator: Supplied & Serviced in KL & Terengganu
Rotating Parts (O-Ring, Bearings): Supplied to Kemaman Supply Based

Azrul Ikmal – 7 years IT Expert Past Experience: MTC Web System, MRT Competition System, Facebook SEO Marketing, PSB Shopping Cart System, KL Dhaka Sales and WIEF Reservation System.

Mas Ajeera -1 year work experience, Related success project: 
Social Media Marketing, Secretary, Admin & Accounting
Company BackgroundBusiness was started on
Funding MilestoneAcquire drone component systems – RM 39,000 (expected to get confirmation for business deal from the organizations)
Apply for insurance on drone operation – RM 1,000
Business setup (Sdn. Bhd. & get Bumiputra Status, online marketing, p – RM 10,000 (Get more deals from agricultural operator)
% Equity Allocation18
Expected ROI0.18
Risks and MitigationDrone downtime is the investment risk of the business operation. Extra spare parts shall be acquired in advance for the main drone parts.

Drone is not favoured by the potential clients. The favoured parts of the drone shall be assemble to meet client needs.
Exit StrategiesSell the agricultural drone at new price after 6 months of drone acquired.
Company NameAlbar Technology Enterprise
Business AddressNO 9, JLN CERGAS 2
Contact Personizzul asyraf bin mohamad salim