Project Title Prosyscom Sdn Bhd is a company for Web Development. We will grab any opportunity in Technology site and provide what people need in IT side. We already finish all our projects and ready for marketing. just need a little bit investment to fullfill this task and will give company share depend on how much they invest
Current Status Revenue Generating, Pre-Profit
Amount Invested almost RM400,000
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description We already setup one website and that website have a high number of traffic we will do more marketing for the traffic and can put any ads, then we can demand the price for ads. we have a e-commerce website and own products. we will sell our and partnership products there and if have a good marketing strategy, this website can sustain. we also build a platform to connect all Programmer and Developer in Technology site that will help our company growth more. company also provide basic service such as web designer, crm, security, online marketing and anything that relay to our expertise. we have 1 project that can help a lot of people and soon will be launch. the key is once if a customer buy 1 product from our company, they will continue to buy other product also repeatly
Business Opportunity no limitation in Technology. eventhough right now we have non-virtual office in USA. our programmer also from many country. the key point is Future is Technology and who follow it, then they will control all. our customer not from local or asia. our target is woldwide even though mostly our traffic website come from europe region.
Revenue / Business Model -we will make money from own project, like we build up an app that can help people more easy to solve their task. then we do the marketing and people will continuesly pay every month. we also will receive personal data to keep for future project.
-make money from ads we put in our website
-from selling ours and partnership products in our e-commerce website
-provide hosting service
-provide service in IT, such as web development, online marketing, security and others thing that relay to IT
Management Team this company lead with CEO and marketing director
we have a good team for online marketing and programming
now we just need local team for offline.
Company Background We start in 2016 but but in 2017 august is when all the project start. in 2017 we finish all the money to start the project and finish it recently. from the last audit our sale 300k-350k but we use that money to finish our project.
Funding Milestone RM150,000. this is what we need to cover 1 year expenses such as salary, office rental, internet, server and basic thing. we will keep update with investor about what will we do with the money and investor also will get a company share. right now paid up capital our company is 1,000,000 and we get an ICT status from mdec and partner with google. after we start the marketing, we also will apply MSC status which is just have around 1200 only company that get this status. we cant promise anything but if our company success, investor have two benefit. first the share from company he get will increase and he can sell it and secondly he will get anual profit depend on company profit.
% Equity Allocation 15%
Expected ROI
Risks and Mitigation we already study the risk, actually the IT company that have his own product, project and do the service can sustain easily if have enough fund. we are very confident because one of our project is on rapid growth. worst case if anything that we didnt expected happen, we will sold company property. we have around 600k officially property such as script, and others product.
Exit Strategies we hopefully investor can stay with our company but if they need to leave, after one year at least. because the money we take for 1 year expenses and we will push very hard on marketing. if investor leave. after one year, he will get anual profit and he can sell his share in company.
Company Name Prosyscom Sdn Bhd
Business Address C-11-15, Zeta Park, Setapak Central Mall, 53000 Setapak, Kuala Lumpur
Contact Person Amirul Najhmie