Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested RM57,000
Funding Required RM600,001 to RM1,000,000
Description Hibou Cloud is the eco-friendly connected safety home system that you can install in seconds. This plug & play device will simply inform you about your home; your temperature, air quality as well as has a motion-activated camera. The sensor provides complete intelligent advance wireless IoT platform that provides correlated real-time sensor data to enable all kind of smart applications controlled by a smartphone application. The sensor data may serve the customers directly to monitor and take a decision based on real environment data.
Business Opportunity The Hibou Cloud system provides the user a simple home safety supervision system that senses different aspect of the home or office. These could be used by the user mainly for two purposes.
1) Events notifications when the user is not at home. (People are most of the time not at their home), This notification is based on the detection the Hiboud cloud system does, like human or other living being body movement detection, door/ window opening detection, light on/off, temperature high / low, sound impacts.
2) The system can be used for Trackback and home comfort adjustments. Like air cleaner, lights and Air Conditioner.
To learn different living quality aspect in a home environment, the sensors log a different kind of data into the cloud for later use. (data can be room humidity, air quality, light UV levels, temperature levels, etc.)
3) A smartphone application can send instant notification to the user or user build public or private network when somethings is wrong in the users home.
Revenue / Business Model We are looking into each 100K sets on the 1st year launch. Then 250K at second years.
We have our marketing point at Malaysia and Singapore.
Management Team Axel Hammer – Sweden and Co partner. He is founder for Smart sensor Devices.AB
Alex Juanrno – Business Development Director
Ulf – Back end Developer
Jacky – ( Myself ) Founder for Solver Smart Management and Co partner for Smart sensor devices.AB
Chris – Mechanical Designer
Company Background SolvePro Smart Management is a company who run project management and sourcing management for customer and partners. SolvePro smart management has signed a contract and awarded as partnership with Smart Sensor Devides. AB in Sweden. SolvePro will manage all projects belongs to them and localise all material.
I also own the share from Smart sensors devices.AB.
Smart Sensor Devices is a Swedish company working globally with the latest IoT solutions. We are located in Stockholm, the hottest hub for IoT inventions. Get in contact with us today and explore how you can become part of it! Our long time experience in IoT devices and systems are crucial for giving your business the most for your investments, improve Time To Market and lower your risk.
Funding Milestone 100k for prototyping tools and NRE.
100K for Marketing and sales.
200K for production NRE.
400k for 1st production planning.
% Equity Allocation 49% for 1million ringgit invested
Expected ROI 2 years ROI
Company Name SolvePro Smart Management
Business Address SP Kedah.
Contact Person Jacky Chong