Current Status APDL obtained.. All ready to go.
Amount Invested RM30, 000,000
Funding Required RM5,000,000 or more
Description I have an existing property development which I have spent 4 years to obtain all necessary approvals from all the authorities and have recently obtained the Advertising permit and Developer’s licence. In short I am able to launch and sell tomorrow.

I have been through a painstaking time to come out with a concept of affordable modern living in a developing and challenging city of Kuantan where most residents are still not used to condominium living like in Kuala Lumpur or Penang. The city has full of potential as there are many government departments and education hub moving there. The prices for this new design apartment living is still cheaper by 25% compared with landed terrace houses in the same vicinity.

Business Opportunity Affordable with modern living concept on Kuantan.. APDL obtained.. All ready to go.
Revenue / Business Model GDV OF RM196m
Management Team To keep the cost low, we hv a small team of a ceo and director
Company Background xxxxx solely has this project.. Spv can be dissolved voluntarily after project ends for distribution of dividends.
Funding Milestone 15m to buy into the company as land cost for equal partnership of 50%…the rest of 12m – 15m start up cost can be thru bank finacing or advance from your good selves
% Equity Allocation 50%
Expected ROI ROI of 66% pre tax
Risks and Mitigation Cheaper pricing with 30 amenities will be a favourable factor to gd sales
Exit Strategies 3-4 years to entirely exit.