The purpose of this proposal is to establish our company that meets an infinite demand for quality Phalaenopsis orchids. Suitable local weather coupled with professional biotechnology expertise and support from the Malaysian Horticulture Department, the Malaysia’s agriculture universities namely Universiti Putra Malaysia [UPM] and Universiti Sains Malaysia [USM], ensures progressive cultivation of good quality orchids enabling us to meet the flow of foreign increasing demand.

Our company is a cultivator of exotic orchids with the sole aim for the export market. This company is potentially to be located within the locality of Sepang for the convenient on delivery to the airport. The company’s objective is to develop a specialize-orchid farm. Our aim is to exceed customer’s expectations with our quality flowers. We have intention to develop a sustainable floriculture business that will influence other agriculture sectors to emulate our practice on greenhouse technology.


Our company main objective is to cultivate and export various types of Phalaenopsis orchids. This orchid is a genus from the Orchidaceae family, which is also known as the “Moth orchid”. Due to changes on global trend and demand, Phalaenopsis orchids have replaced roses and chrysanthemum as the most preferred flower for display. It has become the hottest selling orchids in the world.


Our primary focus is to build on the available Korean market. South Korea has been experiencing shortage of supply especially during mid-Autumn till early spring season. Currently, Korean importers are importing from P.R.China but are experiencing inconsistent on quality control and inferior plants. Due to our superior quality, they are seeking to extend favorable contracts abroad. We aim to secure orders from importers from Seoul that covers not only the capital city but the northern region. For the middle and southern region we will work with importers from the southern port city of Busan.

The potential market demand for South Korea is approximately 100,000 pots monthly. We aim to secure at least 50,000 pots with a progressive demand growth of 15% within the initial 5 years and 5% increase on subsequent years.To promote our products we aim to provide the Korean market with an annual flower show for our clients, potential clients and also to the public. This activity will not only establish support to our clients but it is more consistent to create additional demand and expand popularity on our products.

Competitive Edge

Our company has several distinct advantages that will help us in new market progress. Firstly, our ability to supply quality flowers due to our country’s favorable climate conditions. Global climate change has cause disruption to northern countries especially those practicing traditional farming. Our competitors abroad are currently experiencing glitches on quality control and increase on cost of production. We target our products to meet high expectations without compromise on quality thru careful plant treatment couple with potential new hybrid creations. With our high-tech greenhouse automation system, we aim to reduce dependency on costly labors. On areas that require labor, we have local universities’ support that will provide skilled labors. We embrace solar power technology to enable further cost reduction.We aim to position ourselves with high quality orchids at sustainable and competitive prices. Lastly, we are able to communicate independently with our Korean clients.


Ken Lee
Kuala Lumpur

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