Proprietary Mobile Advertisement Platform Provider

Proprietary Mobile Advertisement Platform Provider

A proprietary mobile advertisement platform provider is seeking private investors for its expansion plan. The platform would serve audio advertisements through the mobile dial tone – corresponding Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Short Messaging System (SMS), Multimedia Messaging System (MMS) and Data Portal Services that enable lead initiatives and sales initiatives for vendors/advertisers, through a simple action by the interested prospect (i.e. pressing * when the advertisement is played). Code: mobile advertisement

The Company provides Value-Added Services solutions to mobile subscribers with the objective of decreasing mobile subscription rates, and increasing value to mobile subscribers through various promotions by advertisers. It’s proprietary mobile advertisement platform serves audio advertisements through the mobile dial tone, while incorporating an action button for mobile subscribers to respond to advertisements that appeal to them immediately.

Advertisement follow-ups would be done through Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Short Messaging System (SMS), Multimedia Messaging System (MMS) or Data Portal Services to generate valuable leads for advertisers. Advertisers would be offered 3 main product packages in the form of Cost Per Impression without Location Targeting (RM0.10), Cost Per Impression with Location Targeting (RM0.30) and Cost per Action (RM1.00).

mobile content businessWe have estimated the local market size for Cost per Impression to be RM 306 million; based on 5% shifts from incumbent platforms like television, radio and newspapers plus local digital advertising spend. As for Cost per Action, it takes the cinema industry as an example to portray that with 1% of total cinema revenues generated by the Company’s platform and it gets a cut of 10% of ticket sales price, the revenue generated would be RM140, 000 per year. There are many other verticals that our company’s platform can be used, like the Events Industry (estimated size RM75 million per year), and small targeted launches from advertisers.

The Company has currently built strategic relationships with Nokia Siemens Network, a huge Telecommunications Infrastructure and Consultancy Provider, Indosat, the 2nd largest Telecommunications Services Provider in Indonesia, and MindShare, a local subsidiary of one of the largest Media Buying conglomerates in the world, WPP Group. On the local scene, the Company is currently manufacturing a pilot to be launched with Digi Telecommunications to launch its platform in Malaysia.

The Company is currently building a team of Mobile Value Added Services Software Engineers to engineer the production of the platform. A prototype would be built as soon as the team is in place.

Mobile Content InvestmentThe Company also managed to gather the support of the Ministry of Finance of Malaysia through its Cradle Grant, in the form of RM150, 000 funding, aimed at supporting homegrown Technology Start-ups through the Pre-Seed stage.

Potential Returns on Investment

Based on pessimistic 3 years Income Statement Projections, Inventors returns would be as follows:

2010 2011 2012
Profit Before Tax (PBT) 3,240,000 16,200,000 32,400,000
Return on Investment (ROI) 400% 900%