Amount Required : RM300,000

Knowledge / Experience Required: sale & marketing

Proposed Investor’s Role: as consultant

Industry: tourism / hospitality, others (Education)

Company Current Status: Growth


Company History:

VS EDU ENTERPRISE is a service centre that serves services to multiple level customers on Education and Job Placement. Education that been provided as a
Northern Branch of Edufly Academy aka Edufly Academy Penang. Edufly Academy has been established since 2012 with a specific purpose to meet the increasing
demand for trained professionals for a career in their chosen industry. The increasing trend in travel worldwide the demand for trained Cruise & Airline Crew and for other allied industry related personnel is on the increase. VS EDU ENTERPRISE will quickly become the premier service centre servings for the benefit of citizens around northern region for education services. VS EDU ENTERPRISE is also being as a Job Placement company to the students which fulfilling the course to be in Hotels or Cruises. VS Edu Enterprise is now opening an investment plan to be a partner in Edufly Academy Penang.

Product / Service Description:

As how as stated above the main goals of VS Edu Enterprise is to bring in few more courses which can be given 100% job security and marketing the course whole wide northern region to make sure all the people are aware of the courses being provided by Edufly Academy. Only by the course of Cruise Operation Management the required personnel to work is 15,000 peoples. VS Edu Enterprise is looking forward to bring this course to everybody who willing to travel and earn high. Finally, to bring some benefit and generate income to VS Edu Enterprise and the investor which could bring benefits to all people.

Business Opportunity:

Our main strengths are our syllabus which could make our students to be specialised in hospitality field, the course structure is the students will be having 1st semester of academic lesson and 2nd semester of internship where they will be working with 4 star and 5 star hotels. For those which are 18-20 will have to continue 3rd semester and 4th semester as an intern. This is because, the candidate will be having higher experience and cruise requirement is 21 and above so the candidate will be in internship till reaching 21 years old.

Revenue Model:

Making loans for the parents using their payslip,in case having problem in that we can still make loan on the particular student name when they are in the internship because the salary amount is from 1400 to 1800

Management Team: n/a

Current Status: n/a

Funding Milestone: n/a

Business Valuation:

Course fee
o RM 13,000/student
o Out of 13,000, 35% belong to VS Edu Enterprise where 65% belong to Edufly Academy.

Investment Percentage
o Maximum Percentage of 30% out of profit of VS Edu Enterprise is belong to Investor, where 35% out of RM13,000 is RM4,550 is the share of VS Edu Enterprise from Edufly Academy. 30% of RM4,550 is belong to Investor which is RM1,365.
o Maximum Investment needed is RM300,000 which equals to 30%.
o The calculation of percentage is as below: Rm 300,000 is = 30%

Expected Return On Investment:

o ROI is within one year because of the unique course and job field
o Per student the profit to the Investor is RM1,365 where a month a number of 30 students can be taken which is RM40,950/ month income. The maximum of students can be taken for each month is 60 students. So the maximum profit can be obtained is RM81,900/month.
o The investment amount is returnable to the Investor- so the amount of investment plus profit is taken able. When the Investment is paid back to the Investor the Investor will remain as low percentage holder of 5% of VS Edu Enterprise share for 2 years or above as agreed by both parties.


From: Varat
Company Name: vs edu enterprise
Postal Address : 1-2-47,Elite Avenue,
11950, Bayan Baru,
Telephone : 011-11305830

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